Always muse over the astounding blue eyeshadow looks your friend pulls off? Craving a switch-up in your makeup style? Time has come to include an azure palette in your makeup kit, and here is how!

Best Blue Eye Makeup Look Ideas You’d Want to Recreate

Although blue could be a tricky color to breeze through, when done right, it brings about a remarkable effect. Deep navy hues enhance the brown tones in brown and hazel eyes, muted subtle blue eyeshadow looks best with green eyes, and sky blue makes blue eyes really pop. Excited to try them on? Scroll down to discover the best blue eyeshadow ideas.

1. Stunning Sapphire Blue Eye Makeup Look. An unexpected way to rock blue eye makeup is with negative space lining and contrasting gold dusting. Use makeup tape to cut out elongated V-shaped strips and place them in the outer corners of your eyes. Proceed with creating your blue eyeshadow looks step-by-step and then remove the tape to reveal the lining. Use a soft brush to add golden accents in the center of the top and bottom lids.

2. Steel Blue Eyeshadow Look. Are you tired of the same neutral black and brown smoky eye makeup? Try this eye-brightening version of a classic smoky style. Playing with textures is a fun way to spruce up simple blue eyeshadow looks. Instead of flat matte, use steely-blue metallic eyeshadows that add a twinkle to brown eyes. In contrast, keep your lips matte and peachy.

3. Ocean Cat Eyes. This tropical island-inspired blue eye makeup look will make a beauty statement at any beach or pool party! Start with a light blue eyeshadow to build up the base for the look. Define your eyes by creating a deeper shade along the crease with a small brush and blend upward. Run a cobalt blue liner along the waterline and upper lash line. And don’t forget waterproof mascara so that you can enjoy luminous blue and white eyeshadow looks to the full.

4. Monochromatic Blue Makeup Look. Make the most of royal blue eyeshadow looks with fierce monochromatic makeup. Wearing blue on your lips is a bold move, but if you are as in love with the color as we are, definitely pull all the stops out. This runway-approved enigmatic look is sure to be a star of your makeup repertoire.

5. Graphic Aqua Makeup. Surf is up with this aquatic blue eyeshadow look! To recreate this mesmerizing makeup, go all in with a turquoise-colored cream eyeshadow over your upper eyelid, creating a surf wave-shaped outline. Use the same shade to edge the waterline and a contrasting purple shade along the lower lashes.

6. Icy Foil Look. Create winter wonderland-worthy blue eyeshadow looks with rich metallic pigments. Dab the silvery highly-pigmented eyeshadows onto the lids to build up the color. Outline the crease and lash lines with a dark blue color. A tasteful line of black eyeliner and a coat of lengthening mascara add instant definition to your eyes.

7. Navy Blue Eyeshadow Look with Wing. This style is living proof that blue makeup looks can be super hot! This combination of navy blue and gold eyeshadow looks celestial, reminiscent of sunrays glimmering against the dark skies. Opt for a deep blue reverse cat-eye look and a swoosh of deluxe gold eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. To enhance the look, try the same shade of blue on the lips.

8. Blue Gradient Graphic Liner. Recent trends in blue makeup looks are strongly leaning toward not-so-subtle graphic eyeliners. And we totally love it! These looks are fresh, bold, and youthful. Liquid eyeliners yield the best results. They have high precision and smooth glide that will help you get creative mixing the shades for one-of-a-kind blue eye makeup.

9. Light Blue Eye Makeup with Gold Accents. Looking for celebrity-worthy blue eyeshadow ideas? Try peppering your blue eye makeup with some gold glitter. Create a distinct waveshape by sweeping the brush carefully on your eyelids. Use a firm brush to outline the shape with glittery gold eyeshadow. Apply dramatic false lashes for a stellar look. You can adorn the look further with face glitter. As glam as it gets!

10. Kaleidoscope Crush. This is a whimsical and vivid blue eye makeup look that you can totally pull off in the summer! The secret to a professional flamboyant look is using blue as a prime color and adding a touch of a complementing hue. Use a purplish holographic highlighter to focus on the inner corner of the eyes, your brow bone, and your cheekbones.

11. Steel-Blue Smoke. For those of you craving something manageable but stunning, this silky blue eyeshadow makeup is a winner! A pretty steel-blue shade creates an alluring contrast against the brown eyes. All you need to achieve this look is a silky blue eyeshadow and silvery accents in the inner corners of your eyes.

12. Blue Haze Makeup. All shades of blue – from cerulean to ultramarine – are represented in this glossy blue eye makeup haze. A key to making blue eyeshadow looks seem deeper is layering a range of tones on the lid area and blending them thoroughly. You can either stretch the eyeshadows over the entire area or create a halo shape with keen edging.

13. Chic Cobalt. Smokey cobalt blue eyeshadow looks are a fast way to achieve an expressive chic style. Start by patting the base color on your eyelids and blending upward and out and creating a wide wing at the outer corners. Use a blunt eyeshadow brush with firmer bristles to line the shadow along your lower lash line. Richly pigmented shimmering shadows are ideal to secure this look.

14. Mermaid Pink and Blue Eyeshadow Look. Purplish-pink and light blue eyeshadow looks are giving us all the mermaid vibes! It’s incredible how the makeup with glittery blue eyeshadow can create a fun under-the-sea atmosphere. Paired with wee precious pearls adorning the upper eyelids and iridescent highlighter on the cheekbones, this makeup will help you channel your inner Ariel. Throw in some marine-themed makeup decals and you are ready to dive in.

15. Blue Shimmer Liner. The best part about blue makeup looks is that you don’t have to go for full-face blue makeup to make a statement. Even a teeny bit of blue can go a long way. Case in point – this minimalistic blue eyeliner with a shimmering finish. Paired with a blue outfit of the same shade, it really makes your eyes pop.

16. Glitter Smokey Eye Look. Go bold with blue glitter eyeshadow looks for a fun night out! Slather a charming blue gray shade along the lash line and blend it out into a dramatic smokey eye look. To create a high-level sparkling and shimmering effect on your eyes, go for an additional swipe of 3D reflective loose glitter.

17. Deep Blue Night Sky. This is a spin-off from the classic smokey blue eyeshadow looks that are a safe option to fall on if you can’t decide on a particular makeup style. You will need two blues: a shimmery night sky blue for your lid and a darker matte shade for the outer wing-like shape. Add silver color in the inner corners and finish with a few coats of mascara.

18. Denim Lids. Look hypnotic with soothing denim blue eyeshadow paired with a bold graphic liner. Well-groomed eyebrows are essential for creating neat blue makeup looks. Russet blush and a matching shade of sheer lip tint are perfect for brown-eyed beauties with a warm skin tone.

19. Blue-Gray Wash. An inventive blue eyeshadow look doesn’t have to be complicated. Work a medium blue-gray shade just above your natural crease. Use a darker tone to shadow the inner and outer parts of the upper lid and the outer corner of the lover lid. Plop a sparkling eyeshadow in the center of the lids and add black gel eyeliner and volumizing mascara.

20. Euphoria Electric Blue. Want to recreate this emotionally-charged makeup from Euphoria? Don’t fret, although it looks complex, it’s fairly easy to complete. To get that watercolor effect, fan the blue eyeshadow through your lids with a fluffy brush in a windscreen-wiper motion. Mix water with loose glitter and let the mixture run down your face. In essence, the more imperfect and splodgy the shape, the better.

Bonus Tips on How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

If you think wearing blue eye makeup isn’t for you, think again. With simple tricks and hacks, anyone can become a makeup whiz in no time. These tips will make your blue eyeshadow look brilliant every time you apply.

  • Get High-Quality Makeup Brushes
  • It’s hard to create a masterpiece without the right tools. There are some products you can apply with your fingers or a sponge, but for a pro-level application, good brushes are integral. Invest in a set of great makeup brushes for smooth and accurate application. Consider the softness and density of the bristles as well as the sturdiness of the handle.

    Opt for synthetic brushes if you are seeking cruelty-free and wallet-friendly options. It’s essential to choose brushes with their intended use in mind. Remember that the best makeup brush is the one that does the best job for you.

  • Use an Eyeshadow Primer
  • Applying an eyeshadow primer creates a base for the eyeshadow or liner. We like to think about it as a double-sided tape that holds on tight to both your eyelids and makeup product guaranteeing the longevity of the makeup. How does it work? A primer absorbs the excess oil on your lids, which allows even application and prevents eyeshadow from clamping in the crease. Forget about the patchy application and enjoy the enhanced hues of your blue eye makeup.

  • Mind the Textures
  • When it comes to eye makeup products, there are so many formulas and finishes that the choice can seem overwhelming sometimes. The important question to ask yourself is ‘What effect do I want to achieve?’. If you are after a basic everyday look, opt for matte or satin finishes. Seeking something lightweight? Try creamy-textured subtle blue eyeshadow looks. In for a special occasion or a night out? Experiment with shimmery or metallic textures. Give yourself time to dally with all sorts of makeup products and choose what works for you.

  • Make Use of the Setting Spray
  • We’ve all been there – you spend hours creating a masterpiece of makeup only to find it smudged or faded away soon after. This is where you need a setting spray, whether you like minimal or full glam makeup. A setting spray keeps your makeup fresh and lessens the need for makeup touch-ups throughout the day.

  • Don’t skimp on mascara
  • Mascaras are like magic wands that instantly add volume, length, and definition to our lashes. It draws attention to the eyes and makes the colors of the eyeshadows pop. Plus, collagen-infused formulas help strengthen the lashes. You can use a mascara primer or try layering the product for a dramatic look.

Final Thoughts

Blue eyeshadow looks dominate runways and red carpets this season and everyone is getting in on the trend. Play around with this soothing vibrant hue and look absolutely stunning!

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a complementary palette, go for cold colors, like pink, purple, or green. If you are looking for more contrast, opt for orange or yellow and blue eyeshadow looks.

First things first, pick a shade that works with your eye color and skin tone. Always apply primer with a little bit of pigment in it to make your eyeshadows look more pigmented. A quick coat of mascara will intensify the look further.

When rocking a complex bold hue on your eyes, such as indigo, navy blue, or teal, neutral-toned lips will help balance the look. For a festive imaginary look, try rich berry or russet tints on the lips.

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