Got a rendezvous coming up and no idea what to wear? Well, coming up with appropriate dinner date outfit ideas can be quite a challenge. The good news is that with formulas that work for different climates and accommodate various occasions, you can easily piece together a dinner date outfit that works best for you. Find these handy formulas and vital considerations below!

How to Decide What to Wear on a Dinner Date

Before you rush through your wardrobe trying on items and twirling in front of the mirror, hold on there and factor in aspects that will help you choose what to wear on a dinner date.

Consider the Location of the Restaurant

When preparing for a restaurant visit, consider the location of your destination. Is it a posh restaurant in the city center or a suburban steakhouse off the beaten path?

One more detail that is easily overlooked is the commute. Consider how you are going to get to the location. Is it within a walking distance from your home or office? Is your date picking you up? Are you planning to drive or take public transport? All of this matters when you decide how to dress for a dinner date.

Dress for Your Body Type

If you find it challenging to pull off a fancy outfit you saw on a celeb’s IG, don’t feel frustrated. Not all outfits are universally flattering. The secret to the celeb’s dress-good skill is knowing their body type and what flatters them individually.

Instead of working against your body and trying to fit it in cuts and fabrics that feel out of place, work with your shape and wear your most flattering fit. The key to a stellar look is finding a balance between comfortable and stylish.

Check the Weather

Freakish weather is no excuse to cancel your plans! No matter if it’s pouring down, freezing cold, or scorching hot outside, you should still be able to look fashion-forward and feel comfy. Take some time to familiarize yourself with how the weather behaves throughout the day in this particular season. This is especially true if you are in a new region or country for a holiday.

Pay attention to temperature fluctuations, possible rainfalls, and winds. Download a reliable weather app to have access to the information on the go. Some foolproof dinner date outfit suggestions include layering and comfortable footwear.

Don’t Overdress or Underdress

To assure a flawless date night dinner date outfit, check the eatery’s dress expectations beforehand. Dress codes can range from casual to formal with business casual and casual elegant in between.

Although it might feel obsolete to stick to these guidelines, it’s still worth making an effort as it helps the guests to fully experience the atmosphere the restaurant has created. Besides, avoiding the potential awkwardness of being too dressy or underdressed will help you enjoy the date to the full.

Make Sure to Wear Comfortable Shoes

Comfort doesn’t necessarily have to win over style while choosing shoes, but you can’t underestimate the importance of a comfy pair of shoes on a date night. A well-chosen pair of footwear will let you enjoy a night clubbing or bar hopping, will improve your posture, and boost your confidence.

Very few things are more irritating and tiresome than an ill-fitting pair of shoes, so make sure you wear a well-broken pair and enjoy your night out.

Remember It’s All About the Accessories

A thoughtful choice of accessories sets up your personal style and spruces up your dinner date outfits. We like to think about accessories as finishing touches that add a fresh spin to tried and tired getups.

While choosing what to wear on a dinner date, settle for a signature accessory that will add a unique touch without being overpowering. They are a great way to work colors and patterns into your attire and transform your outfit day to night and back.

20 Dinner Date Outfit Ideas for an Unforgettable Look

Down below we have curated an extensive list of successful dinner date outfit formulas for every case scenario. You’ll never have to worry about what to wear on a dinner date with these awesome solutions.

1. A Bodysuit, Trousers, and a Bag. You can’t beat a svelte bodysuit for an effortlessly chic casual dinner date outfit. Team it with a pair of your favorite jeans for a comfy yet classy dinner date outfit. A nice bag – an elegant clutch, a wristlet, or a small baguette – is the ultimate piece to complete a dinner date look.

2. A White T-Shirt, Slip Skirt, and a Chain Necklace. One of the secrets to building semi-formal dinner date outfits is balance. A long slip skirt in a noble shade of jade paired with a plain white cotton T-shirt with padded shoulders blends the line between formal and everyday, creating an enticing silhouette. An assortment of chain necklaces adds the desired bling to the look.

3. A Jumpsuit, Necklace, and Bag. We can’t get enough of jumpsuits! Whether oversized or snug-fitting, jumpsuits are a perfect balance between practical and sexy. Partner jumpsuits in vivid colors or loud patterns with simple minimalistic accessories. Jumpsuits in neutral colors will go well with expressive accessories, like a chunky belt, a statement necklace, or an ornamental bag.

4. A Matching Set and Baguette Bag. Planning nice dinner date outfits with matching sets is a walk in the park. Simply throw in your favorite accessories to spice up the look and you are good to go. Opt for relaxed fits, interesting textures, and natural fabrics to embrace summer vibes.

5. Little Black Dress and Ankle Strap Heels. You can never go wrong with LBD for an elegant dinner party! Ankle strap block heels are another piece that boasts the superpower to upscale any outfit from jeans to elevated loungewear. And dresses are no exception. Paired together, they create a dazzling dress dinner date outfit.

6. A Jumpsuit, Ankle Strap Heels and a Clutch. Simple yet versatile, jumpsuits are prone to do over with ‘what to wear’ dramas. Whatever the vibe you are going for, there is always a perfect jumpsuit to fall on. This slinky pitch black jumpsuit with bling on it makes a smashing combo with open toe shoes and a golden structured clutch.

7. A Sweater Dress, Earrings, and Kitten Heels. If you are looking for cute dinner date outfits that require minimal effort, settle on sweater dresses. They are easily elevated with the right choice of accessories. Cute kitten heels make the outfit dinner-date ready. Incorporate elegant metallic earrings for a feminine touch.

8. A Playful Top, Long Denim Shorts, and Slides. Want to piece together a casual dinner date outfit for the summer season? Go for a power shoulder white T-shirt and denim shorts with dynamite criss-cross detailing. Together with trendy sunglasses, cross-body bag, and clear slides, this look embodies the ultimate casual chic.

9. Skinny Jeans, a Blouse, and Pumps. Fancy low effort but sophisticated dinner couple date night outfits? How about blending luxurious textures with denim? Skinny jeans with distressed elements excellently highlight the sleek satin blouse. Teamed up with simple nude pumps, they create a gorgeous ensemble for a date night or Valentine’s Day.

10. A Leather Dress, Simple Heels, and Earrings. If there is one universally foolproof approach, it’s the all-black look. It’s always on trend and extremely variable. Whether it’s a family get-together, a brunch with friends, or a wedding anniversary, you can’t go wrong with a black dinner date dress and classic heels.

11. A Silk Slip Skirt, a Tucked-in Turtleneck, and Heels. Silk slip skirts make a wonderful alternative to dresses for a dinner date. A skirt in a midi length is a flawless matching partner. Pair it with crop tops or camis for spring or summer or keep yourself warm and cozy in colder weather with a tucked-in turtleneck.

12. A Maxi Skirt, a Tucked-in Sweater, and Ankle Boots. Midi and maxi skirts will help you look feminine and graceful even on chilly winter days. They make a dynamic duo with your favorite sweater. Go for luxe materials, like cashmere or merino wool and accessorize for the evening’s vibe.

13. Leather Pants, a Black Top, and Heels. Leather pants are unquestionably one of the staples of dinner date outfits. With their sexy yet edgy vibe, they elevate practically any outfit. Match them with a black form-fitting top, elegant strappy heels, and a statement bag for a signature total black look.

14. High-Waisted Trousers, a Tucked-in Blouse, and Loafers. Keep thing relaxed and fun with high-waisted wide-leg jeans and a tucked-in button-up blouse. Accessorize with lovely earrings and a studded belt. Stylish loafers and a swishy trench coat will keep you warm and cozy if you are dining on an outdoor terrace.

15. A Pencil Skirt, a Silk Camisole, and Strappy Heels. Balance out the boldness of a barely-there silk camisole with a figure-hugging midi pencil skirt. Strappy high-heeled sandals and dangly earrings lend a sultry vibe to dinner date outfits. If you want to nail a killer first date dinner outfit, this look is just for you.

16. A Satin Slip Dress, a Leather Jacket, and Boots. You can style a satin slip dress year-round with the right supplements. Layer your slip dress with warm knits and tights for cooler evenings. Prefer edgy dinner date outfit ideas? A leather biker jacket and anke boots will form a distinctly bold character.

17. A Romantic Top, Jeans, and a Bag. We look best when we feel best. Let your romantic side show in your dinner date night outfits. Dress up a pair of white jeans with a tender off-shoulder corset top in the dreamiest creamy shade. A mint green bag perfectly completes this sizzling summer look.

18. A Midi Dress, Ankle Boots, and a Statement Necklace. A midi dinner date dress makes a perfect choice for any season. Style it with bright stilettos and hip sunglasses for summer. Layer it with a cardigan or blazer and wear a pair of lug ankle boots for dining al fresco.

19. A Floral Dress and Tan Heels. If you are into delicate feminine dinner date outfit ideas, choose a stylish dinner date dress with a floral print. A slit skirt and tan heels will be best to show off your tanned legs.

20. A Crop Top, Wide-leg Pant, and Jacket. If you are a trouser-type girl, style wide-leg leather pants in an interesting shade of chocolate with a midriff-baring top. Slip over an oversized structured blazer to add an element of sophistication.

Final Thoughts

Life would be much easier if we always knew what to wear. And a lot more boring! So equip yourself with our fail-safe formulas, have fun creating new dinner date outfit combos, and savor your night out!

Frequently Asked Questions

First dates come with the added pressure to make first impressions. Sticking to your regular aesthetics is your best bet to ease your date into your personality. Wear dressier pieces of your wardrobe staples to make a memorable impression.

Denim is unquestionably first-date approved! Unless it’s a formal occasion in an upscale restaurant, feel free to wear your favorite pair of jeans with a cute top, a romantic blouse, or a chunky sweater.

When it comes to a casual dinner date outfit, make sure it doesn’t look like you are trying too hard. Steer clear of fancy gowns and classy suits and step into more informal outfits, like day dresses, denim, knits, and flat shoes.

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