In love with purple nail designs but want to change the game and try something new and sophisticated? These lovely lavender nail ideas are sure to be an answer to your query! See how this lovely hue is a source of endless inspiration for on-trend manicures.

Top Lavender Nail Designs to Get You in the Spring Mood

Because lavender is a dreamier, more romantic offspring of purple, it makes a perfect pick to transition between winter and summer nail designs. It’s soft, feminine, and extremely wearable. From corporate environments to proms to runways, lavender nail art is a hallmark of class and sophistication. Read on to discover lavender nail ideas that speak to you.

1. 3d Lavender Flowers over a Basic Lavender Nail Design. These lavender nails with the design of actual lavender flowers on them are chic and adorable at the same time. Tender lavender stems sprouting on these cute lavender nails make us feel as if we are walking down a boundless field of flowers in a sundress and a straw hat. Perfect for a vacation in Provence!

2. Stiletto Lavender Nail Designs. Lavender nails designs can be so subtle and delicate. But if you want to make a statement with your manicure, go for audacious additions to spice up the design. This gorgeous nail art on an accent nail is crowned with an amethyst-colored stone. So eye-catching! Handle with care to make your precious nail art last longer.

3. Light Violet Drip Nails. Fancy the recent trend of drip nails that has taken the web by storm? You can totally recreate this design in shades of lavender. Select two complementing shades of light violet and white or a neutral pink polish for a base. This color combo is an absolutely stunning choice for a lavender nail design!

4. Cute Light Purple Butterfly Nails. These pretty lavender nails fill us with the pure joy of a bright spring day and butterflies fluttering in the skies. The tiny glitter butterflies are set against the purplish tie-dye clouds in this splendid mani. A tie-dye acrylic design technique is amazing if you want to mix and match different shades of lavender and try a new nail art effect.

5. Lavender Nails with Daisy Design. If you are gravitating toward country-core aesthetics, embrace the harmony with nature in this lavender nail design with daisies. Emphasizing simplicity and ease of living, daisies are a clever concept to use in pastoral nail art. This mani pairs well with light floaty dresses in pastel colors and makes an idyllic choice for spring or summer.

6. Hot Metallic Lavender Nails. This charming metallic lavender nail polish has a subtle shimmer finish to it, that lends lavender nail designs a magical and mystical flair. With such a deep shade and opulent texture, this polish is an embellishment in itself that doesn’t need any additional accessories to make it shine.

7. Almond-Shaped Lavender Nails with Easy Nail Line Art Design. A clean take on lavender nails with design that we can’t take our eyes off! The white undulating outlines give this adorable mani a fresh spin, while the negative space makes the lavender stand out in this nail art. If you love wearable everyday designs, this style is a must-try.

8. Lilac Nails Design for Oval-Shaped Nails. Looking for an ideal nail set to kick off the spring? These dainty light purple nails with the design of leaves will liven up any place you walk in. These delicate leaves in an assortment of pastel candy-hued colors beautifully stand out on the neutral matte backdrop. Placing them on a ring finger creates a stunning accent.

9. Sweet Square Lavender Nails. The impeccable square nails covered with a lavender polish are fairly basic, but the beauty of simple designs lies in their high class and versatility. Ask your nail technician for a subtle addition in a complementing shade of periwinkle if you want to personalize the design. A slight brush of color on two accent nails spices up the look.

10. Dramatic Coffin Lavender Nails with Design. Long coffin-shaped nails make a perfect canvas for exquisite nail art. Pair them with a hip clear nail trend for a dramatic style. In this glam lavender mani, no two nails are created equal. Each nail is a true piece of art featuring touches of lavender color and delicate white drawings.

11. Lavender Acrylic Nail Designs. Can’t imagine a manicure without the sparkle of rhinestones? You can totally incorporate them in your acrylic nail designs. These gorgeous lavender nail tips are delicate and creamy, instantly lighting up your fingers. Ask your nail tech to place several dainty rhinestones or go all out with a spill of crystals on your nails.

12. Minimalist Lavender Short Nails. If you are leaning toward refined lavender nail designs that you can wear to both casual and formal events, opt for minimalistic designs on short oval nails. The basic lavender color is elevated with the help of gold leaf decals. They give an elegant royal feel to almost any nail art.

13. Light Purple Design for Long Nails. For all french manicure lovers, we have curated these stunning nails with lavender tips and gold glitter outlines. It’s an ideal design for anyone who seeks youthful and feminine nail art. A stylish addition of florals softens the long nails with sharp edges and makes the design well-balanced.

14. Lavender Nails with Glitter. Going for lavender nails with a glitter accent nail is an obvious way to make your lavender nails pop. Apply silky lavender polish on all nails but one. Select chunky multi-hued purple glitter for your accent nail. Finish with a glossy top coat and you are pretty much good to go!

15. Blue and Lavender Nails. Why settle for a single lavender shade when you can play with complementing colors and create a hypnotic effect with a cool ombre technique? Traditionally, ombre is stretched base-to-tip, but this approach takes lavender nails to a new level with a fab halo blending. With clear droplets on top, this design clearly gives off refreshing shower vibes.

16. Pretty Lavender and White Nails. Embrace the flower power with lavender flower nail designs. Floral motifs are omnipresent in nail art as we often view flowers as an embodiment of beauty and grace. Plus, flowers and pastel colors make a perfect match that reflects the delicate female disposition. This mani utilizes soft lavender hues and a white backdrop which makes floral decor stand out.

17. Lavender and Green Nails. Wake up from the winter snooze with the revitalizing combo of tender lavender and neon green. They pair beautifully in a soft ombre melt. White distinctive lines on two accent nails help to visually elongate the almond-shaped nails. A design we find hard to resist!

18. Cute Pink and Lavender Nails. Beating your brain for the ultimate Easter lavender nail ideas? We’ve found the perfect one for you! This delicate manicure features a glossy muted shade of lavender and matte milky pink polish. The tiny sporadically placed black dots and silver transfer foil ridge make us want to unwrap our chocolate Easter eggs pronto!

19. All Shades of Lavender Nail Design. With so many astonishing shades of purple out there, it’s a positively tough choice to land just on one nail polish. Gradient lavender purple designs unfurl the beauty of the color one nail at a time. Start with the darkest shade on your pinkie and gradually tone the color down towards your thumb.

20. Pastel Matte Lavender Color Nails. The plushy texture of matte nail polish and a dreamy shade of lavender, what could be more soothing than that? Only adding slender lavender decals to the picture! This manicure is aesthetically pleasing and calming.

21. Elegant Ombre Nails. Lavender is a pretty shade that has many ways to wear it and looks awesome with any skin tone and nail length. The delicacy of this color makes the appearance of stiletto and coffin nails milder and adds irresistible cuteness to oval and square nails. Settling on the ombre effect makes it even better, as the look gains contrast and depth.

22. Lavender French Tip Nails. Traditional french tips stood the test of time for a good reason: they are tasteful, easy to achieve, versatile, and simply scrumptious. If you are looking for a colorful update of this classic mani, consider delicate slim tips on almond-shaped or stiletto nails.

23. Crystals on the Nails. It’s crystal clear that teaming up acrylic lavender nail designs with crystals is going to be an eye magnet. This luxurious combination won’t look out of place on important occasions like your birthday, a prom or a wedding reception.

24. Gorgeous Lavender Color Nails with Stones. These stunning lavender nails clearly articulates that their owner won’t settle for less than having it all. Different expressive lavender nail ideas come together in this manicure to showcase the beauty of dusty lavender. Shimmering glitter, multi-hued rhinestones, and tender ombre blend look stunning when mixed together.

25. Striped Geometric Nails. This captivating lavender nail art features a delicate lavender hue in a velvety matte finish. Abstract detailing in thin black lines creates a mesmerizing pattern we can’t help but admire. A gorgeous nail set that belongs in a modern art gallery!

26. Snowflake Lavender Nail Art. These cute nails in lavender tones challenge a common stereotype that lavender is only a spring color. Actually, it’s perfect for any season, as this magical snowflake design successfully proves. Create a winter wonderland with dainty snowflakes in darker lavender and white with occasional silver glitter.

27. Abstract Purple Nail Design. Squiggly nail art is in fashion for a while, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. So why not embrace this trippy but pretty design in your fave shades of lavender? The beauty of this style is that you don’t have to get the identical pattern on every single nail, and you can get as creative squiggling on your nails as you please.

28. Lavender Marble Nails Design. Marble lavender nail designs are a fresh take on an enormously popular marble trend in nail art. Rather than going for classic nudes or whites, try to recreate this luxe design in lavender hues. We bet your mani will be quite a looker!

29. Animal Print Nails Design. Express your creativity and your love for animal prints with this adorable nail set! This manicure features an invigorating lavender hue and ingenious french tips that combine the dominant shade with some purple glitter and leopard print swatches.

30. Lavender Toe Nail Designs. Give your toenails some TLC with lavender toe nail designs. These cozy sweater toenails are sure to chase away the chill and wrap you up in tranquility and serenity. All you want from your pedicure on a brisk day!

Final Thoughts

Lavender is an awesome color that speaks volumes about your personality and forms an image that is youthful and sophisticated at the same time. Whether you are into subtle minimalist designs or can’t live without whimsical nail art, we hope you found some fresh lavender nail inspo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who loves elegant feminine nail colors that are not overpowering will enjoy lavender nail ideas. Lavender can be both office-friendly and glamorous, so you can wear it for any occasion.

Shades of lavender work well with lots of colors. These include neutrals, like white or gray, vibrant hues of green, pink, blue, and yellow, and, of course, other pastel colors.

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