A short makeup trivia quiz for you. What eyeshadow color is universally flattering for all eye colors and skin tones? The correct answer is ‘purple’. Want to know the reason why? And how to get the hang of those alluring purple eyeshadow looks? Keep scrolling.

Unforgettable Purple Eyeshadow Looks You Must See

If you remember your school Art classes, you probably recall that purple is made up of two primary colors – blue and red. And if you look at the color wheel, you’ll see that purple can either complement the color of your eyes or contrast it. Rich plum shades add drama to brown eyes, subtle lavender wonderfully showcases blue eyes, mauve and mulberry tones bring out earthy flecks in green eyes, and warm burgundy shades favorably contrast hazel eyes.

And because purple can have both warm and cold undertones, it flatters all skin tones. Besides, with such an intense array of shades – from delicate lilac to deep eggplant hues – you are sure to find a shade that works best personally for you.

Are you sold on the style yet? Wondering how to wear purple eyeshadows without veering towards the I-haven’t-slept-a-wink look? We bet these amazing purple makeup looks will make you want to immerse yourself in the purple haze magic in no time.

1. Cut-Crease Purple Eyeshadow Look. Combine your favorite violet eyeshadow with lilac, pink, and blue hues for a vibrant cut-crease purple eye makeup. To create a perfect groove above your upper eyelid, draw a sharp line with a contrasting eyeshadow just below your brow bone. Then fill in the contours with eyeshadows for a dynamic look. Pro tip: Use a stencil to create confident matching lines on both lids.

2. Purple Glitter Look. The pinkish-purplish-red tones of this amazing purple eyeshadow look bring out the best in hazel eyes. Because hazel eye color is a combination of brown and green tones, hazel eyes are known to shift colors depending on the lighting. Use this striking effect to your advantage, highlighting your amazing eyes with varying shades of shimmery eyeshadow in purple.

3. Reverse Wing with a Purple Eyeliner. Sometimes a simple makeup switch can be a complete game-changer! This reverse-winged eyeliner look is one of the easiest but most impactful purple makeup looks we’ve seen. To achieve this look, apply a soft waterproof eyeliner along your lower lash line, extending the line beyond the outer edges of the eye with a flirty upward stroke. Then, line the waterline to enhance the look.

4. Easy Purple Smokey Eye. A smoked-out effect is a genius way to introduce purple into your makeup rut. Use an eyeshadow primer to prep your eyelids. Sweep a subtler purple eyeshadow onto your lids, darken the crease, and blend for a cohesive natural purple eye makeup. Add highlights in the inner corners of your eyes to bring a twinkle to your sultry purple eyeshadow look.

5. Vintage Violet Eye Makeup. If you want to experiment with various eyeliner looks with purple, this gorgeous ‘60s lilac eyeshadow look is for you. Opt for a highly pigmented eyeshadow with a matte finish to cover your upper eyelid well past the brow bone. Use gel eyeliner to draw an arched line along the crease. Finish with several layers of volumizing mascara and you are ready to set out for a groovy retro party!

6. Lilac Shimmer. Emphasize the depth of your natural eye color with this radiant purple eyeshadow look for brown eyes. Because browns are neutral, they are least affected by eyeshadow color choices. Opt for looks within the light purple eyeshadow palette to bring out the warmth in your eyes. To glam it up a bit, go for shimmer and carefully smudged black eyeliner.

7. Minimalistic Light Purple in the Corners of the Eye. This subtle pink and purple eyeshadow look is just the thing for those who are still on the fence about incorporating purple eye makeup into their style. It’s delicate and romantic, focusing on the inner eye corners and beautifully illuminating your face with a barely-there glow. Pro tip: Complement the purple eyeshadow looks with neutral or sheer lip makeup.

8. Purple Cat-Eye Look. When it comes to expressive dramatic purple eyeshadow ideas, the possibilities are limitless. This fierce burnished gold and purple eyeshadow makeup plays on the contrasts of tints and textures. Sweep rose gold powder eyeshadow over the upper lids. Run a mulberry-colored kajal pencil through the lower lash line for a bold pop of color. Aim for an extended V-shaped wing at the outer corners to accentuate the shape of the eyes.

9. Dramatic Dark Purple Eyeshadow Look. Calling all drama queens! If your makeup motto is ‘the bolder, the better’, you’re going to love how this purple makeup looks on you. The makeup artist made the dark purple eyeshadow look ubiquitous by employing purplish undertones both in eyebrow and lip makeup. Strive for the same principle while recreating this smoldering look.

10. Liquid Lavender Eyeshadow. This radiant purple eyeshadow look is a complete showstopper! When it comes to blue eyes, lavender makeup looks really have a way of showcasing their beauty and intensity. And the best part? It’s one of the easiest purple eyeshadow looks to create. All you need is a high-quality cream eyeshadow. You can apply it with a brush or simply smudge and blend it with your fingertips.

11. Eggplant Shade for Brown Eyes. Deep purple eyeshadows and brown eyes are a match made in heaven. Delicious plum and eggplant tones boost the depth and magnetism of the dark browns. Dramatic and distinctive purple eyeshadow looks are a go-to option whether you are heading out for a date night or a rollicking bar crawl.

12. Purple Pastels Aesthetic for Blue Eyed Beauties. Let your eyes make a statement with a pick-and-mix of pastel purple hues. Built on the base of crisp lavender makeup looks, the palette ranges from pinkish off-white to vibrant orchid shades. It brightens up the blue irises and has an elegant and refreshing vibe. Pair it with graphic eyeliner and thick coats of mascara for a paramount look.

13. Euphoria Style Purple Look. The hit series Euphoria is a source of endless inspiration for stunning eyeshadow ideas in purple tones. The fact that it uses only one shade of purple makes it unchallenging to attempt. To copy this look, go for gel or cream purple glitter eyeshadow and dab it onto the upper and lower eyelids.

14. Smoky Upside Down Eyeliner. Two of the most seductive purple eyeshadow ideas – reverse eyeliner and smoky eye – have come together for this gorgeous look. Here are simple step-by-step instructions that will help you recreate it. Start by prepping your eye area with a primer. Use a sharp pencil to draw a perfect line along the lower lashes and don’t forget about that cat’s tail flick at the outer corner. Softly smudge the line for the smoky effect. Pro tip: Outline the inner edges of your eyes for a sexy flair.

15. Purple Glam Diva. Go bold or go home! This glamorous dark purple eyeshadow look is sure to turn heads at any gala night. Making use of numerous shimmering purple eyeshadow hues and pairing them with heavy smudged eyeliner increases the level of hotness by several degrees.

16. Purple Glitter Eyeshadow with Metallics. Full-face purple makeup looks are the best accessories you can get for a prom night! Any tutorial for a flawless full-face makeup will guide you to start with priming your face and perfecting your complexion. Sculpt your face shape and highlight your cheekbones and eyebrows before you start your eye makeup. Opt for vibrant hues with rich metallic textures for an unforgettable look.

17. Natural Purple Eye Makeup. Are you leaning toward delicate romantic aesthetics? Then natural purple eye makeup is a way to tap into the trend. This amazing mono shade of lilac is sweet and delicate and extremely straightforward in completion. Simply apply the eyeshadow on your eyelids and swipe a thin line of darker purple eyeliner along your upper lashes.

18. 80’s Style Purple Eyeshadow Makeup. We are getting strong ‘80s flashbacks from the purple and blue eyeshadow looks! Combine a tasteful blue eyeliner and muted purple eyeshadows with cool bluish undertones. Luscious pink glossy lips are the finishing piece of this retro-themed puzzle. Pro tip: Use a setting spray to keep your makeup in place.

19. Festive Violete Look for Coachella. It’s time to gear up for a grand season of music and joy with a dazzling purple eyeshadow look! There are many ways to create an electrifying style: you can opt for contrasting purple and gold eyeshadows in your look, fix superfluous false eyelashes or add a lot of glitter and bling. Or use all of these! Stay wild, moon child!

20. Pink and Purple Eyeshadow Looks. If you are down for unique and distinctive, why not try pairing expressive purple eyeshadow with pink elements? This look is super flattering for those with colder skin undertones and eyes with hints of green. Pro tip: Look at your wrists. If your veins’ color is blue to purple, you have a cool skin tone. If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone.

21. Purple and Green Eyeshadow. A green and purple eyeshadow combo is perfect to kick off the spring season! Graphic lines of vivid colors create a nice shadow just above the natural crease, which is perfect if you want to open up hooded eyes. Settle on pressed powder eyeshadows in a matte finish with smudge-resistant qualities to extend the longevity of your eye makeup.

22. Blue and Purple Eyeshadow Look. For all artists at heart who have a soft spot for mixing and matching colors, we offer eyeshadow looks in purple and blue. Soft denim blue on the mobile lid is paired with purple graphic V-shaped wings at the outer edges and a thin graphite gray eyeliner to enhance the lashes.

23. Bejewelled Purple Makeup Look. When used together, purple glitter eyeshadow and rhinestones make a killer combination! Make an individual style statement by placing the jewels around your eyes for a sparkling evening look. There’s no chance of forgetting you once you see this masterpiece!

Tips On How to Wear Purple Eyeshadow and Pull It Off Every Time

If you are a makeup novice, start small by experimenting with purple eyeliner looks or introducing a single shade as an accent color into your eye makeup rut. Stick to several shades of purple for classy trendy looks. If you are aiming for a more dramatic effect, pair purple with another color or choose interesting textures and finishes.

GRWM | Purple Makeup Tutorial

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the go-to purple eyeshadow looks, it’s time to give them a try. Whether you prefer a slight touch of color or you are more into expressive full face purple makeup looks, there is a purple makeup style for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is ‘yes’. The long answer will take you back to the color wheel. Because brown is a neutral color it effortlessly pairs with virtually any shade of purple on the market.

For more traditional purple makeup looks go for neutrals like blacks or grays. Love extraordinary ideas? Try green, blue, pink, and red for purple eyeshadow combos.

Yes! If you watched the Golden Globe 2023 award ceremony, you could have noticed that purple popped all over the red carpet. That is a sure sign that heralds an era of purple craze.

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