The natural or edgy smokey eye makeup look is undeniably captivating. It accentuates your eyes, adding a captivating allure with its depth and dimension. The sultry and dramatic 90s style has made a comeback with blurred eyeshadows, smudged kohl, and bold lashes taking center stage.

While achieving a smokey eye may seem simple, it can be challenging to execute flawlessly. A poorly done application can leave you looking dull and fatigued. On the other hand, mastering the art of smokey eye makeup will give you a sexy and edgy appearance. Keep reading for foolproof tips and inspiring examples of achieving the perfect smokey eye makeup.

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Smokey Eye Look

You don’t have to rely on black eyeshadow for a smokey eye makeup! Any eyeshadow color can be used, as long as you have two contrasting shades – one dark and one light. Here are the fundamental steps to achieve this glamorous look:

  1. Begin by applying an eye primer to your eyelids to ensure that your makeup lasts longer.
  2. Gently blend a deeper hue of eyeshadow into the crease of your eyelid and along the lower lash line.
  3. Continue by using a lighter shade to softly blend and smoothen the edges of the eyeshadow.
  4. Illuminate the inner corner of your eyes to achieve a refreshed and radiant appearance.
  5. Enhance the drama by applying several coats of mascara to your lashes and complete the look by adding a thin line of eyeliner along the upper lash line to define your eyes.

Gaining proficiency in using eyeshadow brushes is crucial to achieving the desired smokey eye effect. Mastering the technique will help you blend and apply eyeshadow flawlessly for a stunning result.

Top Smokey Eye Looks to Try

1. Classy Smokey Eye Look. The greatest advantage of the timeless smokey eye makeup is its universal appeal, enhancing the appearance of all eye shapes and creating the illusion of larger, more captivating eyes. Opt for matte tones to elevate your everyday look, or incorporate a hint of shimmer for a glamorous evening outing.

2. Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup. For striking and intense makeup looks with rich hues, the inclusion of an eyeshadow primer is imperative to achieve impeccable and long-lasting results. This essential product guarantees that your eyeshadow remains intact throughout the entire day (or night!) without any smudging or fading.

3. Neutral Smokey Eye Makeup. Neutral smokey eyes exude both a captivating and confident allure. Opt for three brown shades – deep, medium, and light. Begin with dark brown eyeliner along the lash line, extending it to the crease. Layer a medium-tone shade over the blended darker hue, diffusing it with a soft blending brush. Finally, sweep the lightest shade from the eyelid crease to the brow bone for a seamless finish.

4. A Twist on Classic Smokey Eye. Create a unique personal style by incorporating a vibrant burst of color into your smokey eye makeup. Begin by crafting a classic matte smokey eye on the upper lid. Next, enhance your look by adding a vibrant shimmering eyeshadow along the lower lash line.

5. Natural Brown Smokey Eye Look. To achieve captivating smokey eyes, consider infusing warmth into your makeup. Utilize natural tones of beige and brown to add depth and contour to the eyes. A soft smokey eye is ideal for everyday occasions.

6. Brown and Black Smokey Eye Look. Create a stunning gradient effect by transitioning from a dark to a light shade, enhancing the depth and allure of your eyes. Focus the darkest hue along the lash line to achieve a seductive appearance. Gently blend the dark brown eyeshadow outward using a small eyeshadow brush for a seamless finish.

7. Smokey Eye Makeup in Red. To replicate this fiery appearance, embrace a monochromatic approach. Limit yourself to a maximum of three auburn shades, along with an eyeliner. Start with a lighter hue at the inner corner and gradually intensify the color as you move towards the outer corner.

8. Black and Red Smokey Eyes. This vibrant yet adorable makeup is sure to enhance your eye-catching features. It exudes self-assurance while showcasing your playful and lively personality. Embellish your look with whimsical hearts and artistic lines.

9. White and Black Smokey Eyes. To achieve this mesmerizing appearance, you will require matte white or ivory eyeshadow on the upper eyelid, as well as black eyeshadow for the outer corners. If you are expert in applying eyeliner, opt for black eyeliner or kohl along the lash line and waterline. You can smudge it with your fingertips for a blended effect or leave it untouched for a sharper definition.

10. Glowy Smokey Eye Makeup. Enhance your allure with a captivating look by incorporating gold, bronze, or copper hues that suit every complexion. Begin by gently applying a subtle layer of gold, gradually intensifying the effect by layering various shades of opulent bronze and copper.

11. Smokey Eye Glitter Edition. To achieve a smokey eye look with a metallic twist, adorn your eyes with stunning molten gold eyeshadow, adding a touch of shimmer. Enhance the allure by applying a dark eyeshadow to the outer corner and skillfully blending it for a captivating smokey effect.

12. Smokey Eye Makeup with Eyeliner. Embrace a bold and trendy appearance by merging two timeless styles: smokey eyes and winged eyeliner. Begin by crafting a captivating smokey eye makeup, then elevate the allure by skillfully applying black eyeliner to create a striking winged shape. Complete the look with a final touch of mascara.

13. Fall Smokey Eye Inspo. Enhance your eyes with a luxurious velvety smokey eye adorned with luminous bronze eyeshadow. This captivating style accentuates the allure of brown eyes, particularly when accompanied by a deeper smoke effect along the upper and lower lashline.

14. Gray Smokey Eyes Makeup. Gray eyeshadow is a versatile option for smokey eyes, suitable for both bold and relaxed styles. Opt for slate gray to achieve expressive or rebellious looks, or choose a softer pale gray for a more understated and subtle smokey eye effect.

15. Silvery Smokey Eye Look. By adding a touch of silver, a basic smokey eye can effortlessly transition into a party-ready look and step up your black dress makeup. The subtle shimmer in the inner corners of the eyes adds brightness and brings attention to them. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with smaller eyes, as it helps create the illusion of openness and enhances their appearance.

16. Delicate Blue Smokey Eye. Enhance the blue in your eyes with a soft periwinkle blue eyeshadow. Explore different options of matte colors to discover the most flattering one for your eyes. Amp up your lashes with generous coats of mascara or opt for false lashes to create an even more glamorous look for those special events.

17. Neon Blue Smokey Eyes. If you’re a fan of vibrant colors, there’s no need to limit yourself to grays or browns. You can still follow the traditional steps of smokey eye tutorials but with the twist of using playful and bold shades. However, if you’re new to this, seeking guidance from a professional makeup artist can be beneficial.

18. Gold Smokey Eye Look. Enhance your look with the application of gold-toned shimmering eyeshadows that span across the entire eyelid. Accentuate the outer corner with a deep, intense shadow. Complete the look by applying mascara for a polished finish.

19. Pink Eyeshadow Smokey Eyes. Opt for a smoky eye in shades of pink for a delightful springtime look. Consider incorporating pastel hues, creamy textures, and matte finishes for a soft and feminine appearance.

20. Purple Smokey Eye Look. Purple eyeshadow presents a seamless entry point for incorporating vibrant colors into your smoky eye makeup. It complements all eye colors and provides an array of shades to explore. As you acquaint yourself with adding color, begin with monochromatic looks (such as this) to ease into the process.

21. Green Smokey Eye Makeup. Enhance your eye makeup with the allure of liquid chromes or loose pigments. Employ a soft, fluffy brush to seamlessly blend the pigments, effortlessly achieving an ombre effect by incorporating darker shades.

22. Bronze Smokey Eye Look. Even if you prefer more natural looks, you can still enjoy a smoky eye. There’s no need to go for an overly dark effect. Opt for lighter shades and gently smudge your eyeliner to achieve a softer, more blended look, avoiding harsh lines.

23. Orange Eyeshadow Smokey Eyes. Utilizing orange for smokey eyes is an incredibly simple method to incorporate warmth and vibrant hues into your appearance. Whether opting for a subtle or bold shade, this technique allows for experimentation and creativity in your overall look.

24. Subtle Daytime Smokey Eye Look. Crafting a seamless transition between two eyeshadow colors, this light daytime variation of a smokey eye provides convenience with its minimalistic approach. Enhance the eye shape by accentuating it with eyeliner.

25. Natural Smokey Eyes. To achieve a more subdued daytime appearance, choose lighter neutral shades of eyeshadow. For an even more subtle makeup look, skip heavy eyeliner and apply mascara lightly.

26. Rainbow Colored Smokey Eyes. Vibrant and captivating, this bold smokey eye makeup is an absolute blast. Blend your preferred shades together to fashion a distinctive appearance that reflects your individuality.

27. Smokey Eyes with Graphic Liner. Unleash your creativity with unconventional color selections and exclusive embellishments to craft a truly unique makeup style. These hot pink smokey eyes adorned with graphic liner hearts are certain to become Cupid’s preferred choice.

28. Makeup Smokey Eye Techniques for Hooded Eyes. Women who possess hooded eyes typically exhibit a smaller exposed section of their upper eyelid. To achieve a rejuvenating, raised appearance, extend the application of eyeshadow beyond the crease and blend it outward. This uncomplicated technique adds depth and enhances the illusion of larger eyes.

29. Makeup Smokey Eye Techniques for Round Eyes. Enhance the length of rounded eyes by applying a shade that extends towards the tail of the eyebrow. This smart technique allows for the creation of a distinct eye shape.

30. Makeup Smokey Eye Techniques for Almond-Shaped Eyes. Highlight the inherent upward lift of almond-shaped eyes using cosmetics to accentuate the outer corners. Enhance your eye shape by applying a lighter hue to the inner half of the eye and a darker shade to the outer corner.

31. Makeup Smokey Eye Techniques for Deep Set Eyes. Achieve facial balance and reduce the prominence of the brow bone by bringing attention to your eyes with soft, warm, and natural shades. Employ a darker hue to line the eyelid, starting from the outer corner and blending upward.

32. Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes. To enhance the vibrancy of dark eyes, illuminate the surrounding region for an eye-catching effect. Incorporate silver eyeshadows into your repertoire as a reliable choice. The lighter shade you opt for, the more it will accentuate your eye color.

33. Smokey Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes. Hazel eyes are particularly complemented by a natural color palette, which brings out the brown and green specks in them. For a more vibrant appearance, explore the use of pinks or purples to create contrasting effects.

34. Smokey Eye Makeup for Green Eyes. Essentially, any shades with underlying red tones become a valuable ally. Whether it’s reddish brown or lavender, all hues contribute to enhancing the allure of green eyes.

35. Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes. Excessive smokiness can be overpowering, particularly when it comes to blue eyes. Instead of using an abundance of black eyeshadow, consider choosing chocolate brown, warm gold, or mauve-pink shades as preferable alternatives.

36. Smokey Eyes and Red Lips Look. For those seeking a touch of boldness, experiment with combining dramatic metallic smokey eyes with vibrant red lips. Maintain a more subdued appearance for the rest of your features: a radiant complexion and effortless hairstyle will allow your makeup to take center stage.

37. Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips Makeup. Opting for a neutral lip color accentuates the prominence of your eyes. Achieve an enchanting appearance by using a taupe mid-tone shade and outlining the eyes with black eyeshadow.

Smokey eye makeup looks offer tremendous versatility, allowing for customization that suits any occasion and unique facial features. Although they may appear daunting initially, with the aid of detailed step-by-step tutorials and a sprinkle of practice, you can undoubtedly master the art of creating a flawless look that perfectly suits you.

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