Whether you are into natural-looking nail shapes or a fan of dramatic bold tips, square nails are there for you. Square nails are quite self-explanatory: with straight sides, a flat tip, and edges filed into sharp 90-degree corners. They are traditionally seen as stylish and easy to maintain. Ahead, you’ll find 30 square nail designs to inspire your next nail appointment or DIY project.

1. Cute Pastel Square Nails. Various shades of pretty pastels are here for you to soften the sheer geometric elegance of square nails. French tips, negative space, and arched diagonals will help create eye-catching nail art that is sure to be the life of any party.

Short Square Nails with Spring Manicure Design

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2. Delicate Florals. Nude nails can also make a statement, especially if you add delicate floral designs to the picture. These delicate dew-covered leaves turn your nail art into a masterpiece.

Square Nude Nails with Leaf Design

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3. Shimmer on Top. Add some sparkle to your white square nails with glitter nail polish and rhinestones. Medium-length nails are the best option for this design if you don’t want to go overboard with too much glitz. As an added bonus, glittery nail polish doesn’t chip off as fast as a regular one, ensuring a luxurious appearance.

Square Nails with White and Flacky Glitter Polish

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4. Shimerry Sapphire French Manicure. Apparently, a classic French manicure is a perfect match for a square nail shape. A rounded inner outline of the tip plays off your natural nail bed wonderfully, creating a pleasing symmetry. Go for an attractive shade of blue instead of classic white to give your next manicure a character.

Milky White Long Nails with Square Blue French Tip and Rhinestones

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5. Coffee and Spice Matte Square Nails. Create cozy vibes with simple but attention-grabbing waves in yummy colors of coffee, cinnamon, and toffee. A matte top coat will enhance and protect your nail art, instantly transforming your manicure into a velvety miracle.

Pastel Autumn Design on Square Nails

via @amanda.sudolll

6. Gold-Dipped Square Nail Design. Gleam loudly and proudly with gold tip dip french mani. This fresh rendition of the classic nail design features erratic lines as if the tips were genuinely dipped in flakes of gold. While luxurious, this nail art has an organic feel due to irregular outlines which makes it perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

Light Pink Square Nails with Gold on Tips

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7. Black Square Nails. Bold and edgy, black nails come in many shades and finishes. It looks especially dazzling when paired with square coffin nails. Give it a go on medium to short nails to keep your manicure low maintenance and crisp.

Glossy Black Polish on Tapered Square Nails

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8. Fall-Inspired Long Nails. For a graceful fall nail design, try a combination of a milky nude base and rosy brown, splattered with burnished gold. Abstract nails are another major beauty trend that lets you get creative with the design on longer nails, not minding any imperfections.

Long Square Nails Design Idea

via @diamondshine.beauty

9. Shimmering Pink Square Nails. Pastel pink nail polish looks exquisite on short square acrylic nails. A shimmery top coat and a contrasting minimalist motif will help you create outstanding nail art.

Pink Square Nails with Glitter and Black Leaf Nail Art

via @aaginails

10. Astonishing Deep Red Nails. Get inspired to look effortlessly stylish with utterly timeless red-lacquered nails. Want to elevate your casual outfit? Check! Add sultriness to a fancy gown? Check! Universally appropriate, they complement every skin tone and make a perfect choice for short natural nails.

Rounded Short Square Nails Wine Red Polish

via @raelondonnails

11. Peach Square Nails. A light pinkish shade is often chosen for special occasions like a prom or a gala night as it goes well with elegant floaty dresses. A minimalist geometric pattern looks charming and refined on a square nail shape.

Long Square Nails with Reverse French Manicure

via @agalorynowicz

12. Basic Blue Square Nails. Experiment with different shades and finishes of blue to create one-of-a-kind nail art. Office-appropriate and classy, you can also easily wear this style for parties and hangouts.

Simple Blue Manicure on Natural Square Form Nails

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13. Chocolate and Cream Tapered Square Nails. These long square nails are almost good enough to devour with delectable glossy chocolate and swirls of whipped cream. The square shape completes the illusion of chocolate bar squares.

Coffin Square Nails with Stripe Nails Art Design

via @knot.nails

14. Milky French Fade Ballerina Nails. In this interpretation of a French tip manicure, pure white gradually fades into blush near the cuticle, producing a soft gradient effect. Complete the look with a glossy top coat for a natural subtle vibe.

Soft Pink to Milky White Square Ombre Nails

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15. Marble Effect Square Nails. This marble nail design is full of grace and magnetism. Plus, you don’t need to be a celebrity manicurist or even have a steady hand to produce it. Just immerse your nails into a bowl of water with floating nail polish to create this appealing and amazingly easy nail art.

Pink and White Marble Nails Square Form

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16. Pastel Rainbow French Tip Nails. Square nail designs don’t get any cuter than these pastel tips in a variety of delicious colors. Slightly rounded square nails make this set even more irresistible.

Natural Short Squared Nails with Colorful French Tips

via @lietysbeautystudio

17. Emerald and Crystal Square Nails. Emerald green is an incredible choice for a manicure that screams class and sophistication. The dark hue is incredibly versatile when it comes to pairing your manicure with outfits. Experiment with different designs when you decide to add extra glitz to your look: shimmer and rhinestones will do their magic.

Square Nails with Glitter Nail Art on Green and White Base

via @nailcocktail

18. Square Comic Nails. These comic book nails make a perfect combination of quirky and dapper. Go for skinny square nails or a coffin nail shape if you are after an elongating effect.

Comic Manicure on Long Tapered Square Nails

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19. Rosé Champagne Swirls. If you want to add intricate nail art to basic nude nails, ask your nail technician for delicate swirls of white and glittery rosé. They create a pleasing pattern and contrast of textures on your nails.

Pink Nails with White and Rose Gold Swirls

via @diamondshine.beauty

20. Chocolate Whip Square Nails. This trend is as sweet as it sounds. Reminiscent of swirls of chocolate syrup on your dessert, it occasionally incorporates coffee, cream, or caramel shades. It’s also DIY-friendly: get a selection of dessert-inspired nail polishes and allow your inspiration to take over.

Autumn Square Nails Design in Nude Shades

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21. Festive Red Square Nails. Mixing and matching designs on your fingers is a fun way to incorporate neutral nude and flaming red into your nail designs. Both plain solid colors and sophisticated designs will play your nail shape up beautifully.

Interesting Red Short Square Nails Design

via @annailz

22. Midnight Blue Square Nails. Straightforward but flashy, deep midnight blue works amazingly with different nail shapes. This matte rendering is absolutely mesmerizing! Paint an accent finger with a contrasting glittery texture for an even more striking effect.

Matte Royal Blue Square Nails with Glitter on Ring Finger

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23. Hot Pink Square Nails. If you think that bright colors look good only on stiletto or almond nails, think again. Vibrant colors can bring all nail designs to life. A smooth coat of a single hue is back in fashion.

Short Matte Magenta Pink Square Nails

via @lanea_nailart

24. Baby Blue and Fancy Leopard Print Nails. If you are looking for light but trendy manicure options, play with baby blue French style tips. Embellish one nail with extravagant leopard print in complementing colors to spice up the look.

Spring Nail Art Idea for Square Nail Shape

via @unhadeslumbrante_

25. Pink and Blue Ombre Nails. The beauty of ombre nails is that they can combine not only similar colors but also contrasting hues. Fading from warm coral pink into ocean blue, these romantic nails bring back memories of sunrise over the sea.

Ombre Square Nails Idea for Summer

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26. Chevron Tips and Marble Swirls. Sharp and clear-cut or dreamy and tender? Mix different designs in one astonishing mani. Golden accents on the marbled nails are the perfect finishing touch to this incredible set.

Soft Pink Square Nails with Marble Effect and Chevron Tips

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27. Glitter Ombre Square Nails. If you feel glitter can be a bit too overwhelming but you still crave some sparkle, go for a glitter ombre effect. A fade of glimmer from the tip down creates an alluring half-covered finish to your nails.

Long Tapered Square Nails with Glitter Design

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28. Pastel Floral Acrylics. If you want a delicate feminine look, give this design a try. With marshmallow-colored swirls of nail polish and dainty daisies, this manicure is sure to brighten up your spring.

Spring Nail Design with Flowers and Swirls for Square Nails

via @minimani_klaudia

29. Royal Blue and Gold Square Nails. This discreet imperial manicure is to die for! And it’s as easy as ABC. File your round nails into a square shape with flat edges. Use a deep shade of blue gel polish to create the base and then randomly add several specks of gold with the help of the paintbrush or use gold foil for a similar effect.

Short Dark Blue Nails with Golden Flakes

via @lanea_nailart

30. Black and White Freehand Design. Go for a unique look with imaginative freehand graphics. Square nails seem to be created for geometric extravaganza and straight lines. This original monochromatic nail art will pair well both with reserved total looks and a selection of deep colors.

Black White and Pink Nail Art on Short Square Nails

via @nailsmuaa

If you search for a high-rolling timeless nail look, square nails are for you. It’s the easiest shape to create on your own and they work fabulously for nearly everyone. No matter the length of your nails, they will always provide you with plenty of space for your creative outlet.

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