Timbs, otherwise known as Timberland boots, are a classic and timeless footwear staple. They are a rugged and durable style, typically made of leather, and are a favorite of many for their versatility and reliability. Wearing Timbs can be a great way to add a touch of ruggedness to any outfit. Whether you’re going for a casual look or a more formal one, here is a guide to help you rock your Timbs in style. 

How to wear Timbs with jeans

  1. Choose slim or tapered jeans to show off your boots. Avoid wearing baggy or loose-fitting jeans as they can overwhelm the boots.
  2. Cuff your jeans to expose the top of the boots. This is a great way to show off the boots and add some visual interest to your outfit.
  3. Experiment with different colors and washes of jeans. Timbs look great with classic blue jeans, but they can also work well with black, grey, or even white jeans.
  4. Wear a shirt or sweater that complements your jeans and Timbs. Keep your outfit simple and understated to let your boots be the focal point.

How to wear Timbs with sweatpants

  1. Choose tapered or fitted sweatpants that are tailored at the ankle. Avoid baggy or oversized sweatpants as they can look sloppy.
  2. Wear a simple t-shirt or hoodie that complements the color of your sweatpants and Timbs.
  3. Roll up the cuffs of your sweatpants to show off the boots. This will also prevent the sweatpants from bunching up around the boots.
  4. Keep your accessories minimal to keep the focus on your outfit. A simple hat or watch can add some extra style without overwhelming your look.

How to wear Timbs in the summer

  1. Pair your Timbs with shorts or a short summer dress. This is a great way to show off your boots while staying cool in the summer heat.
  2. Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Avoid heavy materials like denim or wool that can be too hot in the summer.
  3. Opt for lighter colors like white, beige, or pastels. Dark colors can look too heavy for the summer season.
  4. Keep your outfit simple and minimal. Let your boots be the focal point and avoid adding too many accessories.

How to wear Timbs with baggy jeans

  1. Choose baggy or loose-fitting jeans that sit on your hips. Avoid high-waisted jeans as they can make your outfit look bulky.
  2. Roll up the cuffs of your jeans to show off your Timbs. This will also help balance out the volume of your jeans.
  3. Wear a fitted t-shirt or crop top to balance out the baggy jeans. Avoid wearing oversized or bulky tops that can add to the bulk of your outfit.
  4. Add some accessories like a simple chain necklace or hoop earrings to add some extra style to your outfit.

History of Timberlands

Timberland is an American brand that was founded in 1952 in Abington, Massachusetts. Originally called the Abington Shoe Company, the company started out making shoes for working-class people. However, in the 1970s, the brand began to shift its focus towards outdoor footwear.

In 1973, the company introduced the “Timberland” brand, and in 1978, they released their first waterproof boot, the Timberland 6-inch Premium Waterproof Boot. The boot was an instant success and became a staple for construction workers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

In the 1980s, Timberland expanded its product line to include clothing and accessories, and by the 1990s, the brand had become a cultural icon. The boots were popularized by hip-hop artists, and the brand began to appear in movies, TV shows, and music videos.

Throughout the years, Timberland has remained committed to sustainability and environmentalism. In 2006, the company launched its Earthkeepers line, which uses recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. Timberland also supports various environmental and social initiatives, such as reforestation and community service projects.

Today, Timberland is owned by VF Corporation and continues to be a popular brand for outdoor enthusiasts, fashion enthusiasts, and everyone in between.

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