With days longer and skirts shorter, summer presents a marvelous opportunity to flaunt hip tattoos. The awesome thing about the hip tattoo placement is that it can be just as easily hidden as it can be shown off. Tempting, isn’t it? Here are some the best hit tattoo ideas that will get you craving a new ink.

Things to Know Before Getting a Hip Tattoo

The hip is a curvy and voluptuous part of the body which makes it one of the prime tattoo placements to highlight your femininity. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most painful ones. Since the skin is pretty thin and sensitive there, hip tattoos can feel uncomfortable getting inked. If this is going to be your first tattoo, opt for a smaller, simple design.

The comfiest attire to get a hip tattoo would be bikini bottoms that tie on the side paired with a loose maxi dress or skirt that you can wrap around yourself while getting tattooed.

To speed up the healing process, follow your tattoo artist’s advice on the aftercare routine, which typically includes keeping your tattoo clean, moisturized, and protected from UV rays.

35 Most Beautiful Hip Tattoos for Your Inspiration

Whichever aesthetics you are into – subtly seductive, contemporary abstract, or fierce and beautiful – there is a plethora of hip tattoo ideas to get you inspired. It can become a meaningful form of self-expression, a tribute to a loved one, or an act of sheer rebellion. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll away and get inked!

1. Beautiful Flower Hip Tattoos. Believe us when we say that a floral hip tattoo is one of the most popular options out there. There’s something tender and genuinely feminine about flowers, which makes them a perfect fit for this type of placement. This gorgeous peony flower seems to embrace the curves, adding up to the beautiful body art.

2. Rose Hip Tattoo. A rose is a gracious and regal flower both in real life and as a floral hip tattoo. It beautifully enhances the shape of the hip elevating the level of femininity. On this side hip tattoo, it is further enhanced with dainty cherry blossoms and delicate dot work leaves.

3. Ranunculus and Peony Tattoo. Create a unique bouquet on your hip with a selection of flowers that hold a special meaning for you. With a ranunculus flower that is believed to bring love and devotion to the wearer and a peony that represents elegance, beauty, and good fortune, this design has duly become one of the favorite hip tattoos for females.

4. Red Anemones Hip Bone Tattoo. This floral hip tattoo is naturally alluring without trying to be. And it’s not surprising, as an anemone tattoo symbolizes beauty, grace, and fragility. This flower is also said to protect from evil and is often inked as a talisman for the wearer.

5. Cherry Blossom Hip Bone Tattoos. Are you looking for delicate and lovely hip tattoo ideas that carry deep symbolism? Then you might like this exquisite cherry blossom front hip tattoo. Celebrating the passing beauty of life, cherry blossoms symbolize life, death, and rebirth. What a wonderful metaphor for new beginnings!

6. Sunflower Hip Tattoo. Thinking about getting a blackwork floral tattoo? They will typically last longer than color tattoos, which fade faster over time and might need touch-ups. With the development of tattooing techniques, simple outlines are balanced with a high level of detail, resulting in a gorgeous tattoo.

7. Watercolor Flowers Tattoo Idea. Flex your creative muscle and assemble an amazing flower arrangement in an up-and-coming watercolor tattoo technique. With vibrant colors, buoyant designs, and amazing attention to detail, it’s bound to become one of your favorite pieces.

8. Bird and Flowers Hip Tattoo. If you want to make a statement with hip-to-thigh tattoos, consider a bigger piece that extends from your waistline down the hip to your thigh. This stunning body art features giant florals that affectionately embrace the curves and swallow birds in flight that represent travel and freedom.

9. Elegant Butterfly Tattoo on Hip. Butterfly tattoos symbolize rebirth, development, joy, and freedom. No wonder it’s such a popular motif for hip tattoos for women. If you are in pursuit of empowerment, add some towering mushrooms to your design. In many cultures, they are seen as a symbol of power and strength.

10. Snake Hip Tattoo. Snakes in tattoo art carry the symbolism of wisdom, charisma, and transformation. They also carry an aura of enigma and danger around them. Together with the Ginko leaves that represent courage, persistence, and strength, they make a dynamic and powerful body adornment.

11. Fierce Dragon Tattoo for Women. Dragons are magical and mystical creatures that are popular in many cultures and thus caring lots of meanings. A rising dragon is a popular metaphor for growth and progress. It also symbolizes overcoming hardships and makes a dynamic body decoration alongside the floral elements.

12. Bold Tiger Hip Tattoo Design. Tigers are admired for their allure and grace as much as they are known for their strength and ferocity. In tattoo art, it’s a symbol of dignity, courage, pride, and independence. If these qualities appeal to you, go ahead and get a bold tiger hip tattoo.

13. Lion Tattoo for Females. Honored in many traditions, a lion has become a popular motif in tattoos all over the world. Renowned for her enormous devotion, pride, and vigorous spirit, a lioness makes an attractive alternative for girls. A symbol of feminine power and sexual prowess, she is a perfect pick among sexy hip tattoo ideas.

14. Phoenix Hip Tattoo. Phoenixes call for ample spaces to spread their fiery plumage, so a hip tattoo placement seems like a logical choice. These beautiful mythical creatures hold powerful concepts of immortality, regeneration, and resilience. It’s a wonderful tattoo to manifest your journey of self-searching and spiritual development.

15. Wolf Hip Tattoo. This stunning girly hip tattoo compiles a realistic she-wolf, a dot work mandala background, and a fine-line flower body adornment. Wolves represent loyalty, dignity, and steely determination in tattoo art. The mandala and sprouting flowers create an outward feel to the body art, which adds to the sense of freedom.

16. Sexy Mandala Hip Tattoo Design. Mandalas are beautiful as they are but when they are placed on such a sensuous part of the body, they get twice as gorgeous. Symbolizing balance and harmony, they are often circular and symmetrical in nature. This lotus mandala is adorned with teardrop pendants that lend themselves well to elongated hip tattoo pictures.

17. Unique Dream Catcher Design. Similarly to real dreamcatchers, a dreamcatcher tattoo is believed to be a talisman that protects the wearer from evil. But we love them for their artistic qualities and comprehensive detailing as much as their symbolism. It’s one of the hip tattoo designs that can be tiny and sweet as well as bold and ornate.

18. Quote Cursive Hip Tattoo Ideas. If you are tracking down cursive tattoo ideas, we’ve got what you might be looking for! While inscriptions are a common choice for all placements, a hip tattoo placement offers a vast space for longer inspirational messages in cursive.

19. Roman Numeral Tattoo. For all the fans of minimalistic tattoo designs, we offer simple and straightforward numeral tattoos. They offer a high level of personalization since you can use these to commemorate an important milestone or a significant event. It’s a perfect way to combine meanings with aesthetics!

20. Minimalist Leafy Hip Tattoo. Who said minimalistic hip tattoo designs have to be black and white? Bringing in color adds zest to simple small hip tattoos without ruining their nature. We love how these dainty leaves look full of life and energy while keeping that ephemeral fragile vibe.

21. Tiny Heart Tattoos on Hips. Sifting through the net in search of small hip tattoos for females? These subtle hearts are a perfect choice for a first front hip tattoo. Minimal and elegant, this design is placed right along the bikini line. This discrete and intimate area is perfect for seductive tattoos.

22. Minimalist Sun and Moon Tattoo. The juxtaposition of the sun and moon in one tattoo sends a strong message. Embracing light and darkness, warmth and coldness, and good and evil can be easily picked up from a single image. In this radiant front hip tattoo, the sun and moon have clear human features that speak about their inner world and feelings.

23. Hidden Small Hip Tattoos. We love peek-a-boo hip bone tattoos for their ability to be concealed just as easily as they can be flaunted. If you are a fan of small cheeky tattoos, try a classic combination of a rose and a dagger. A tender rose conveys beauty, love, and joy, while a dagger symbolizes danger and a dark side.

24. Feather Tattoo for Girls. Feather tattoos are often favored by women for their grace and tenderness. Much like flowers, they are an expression of femininity and sensuality. Feathers are typically associated with free-spiritedness, courage, and wisdom, making them even more desirable hip tattoos for women.

25. Stars Tattoos on Hip. It’s all written in the stars! Constellation hip bone tattoos are doomed to become trendy! Simple yet classy, they offer a brief overview of your individuality and aesthetics in barely a few brushstrokes. Case in point – this astounding Aries tattoo on the hip bone.

26. Small Front Hip Tattoo. Dainty creatures like dragonflies lend themselves well to small hip tattoos. Located on the front of the hip, this pretty insect features a slender body and intricately patterned delicate wings. The dragonfly symbolizes transformation, change, and adaptability, making it a popular choice for those looking for a meaningful and beautiful tattoo design.

27. Cute Inner Hip Tattoo. Feel like you need more power, energy, and strength in your life? Go for a lightning bolt tattoo placed in a discrete location right where your hip meets the bikini line. It’s amazing how cute hip tattoos can have so much impact!

28. Cool Lower Hip Tattoo. The crane is a popular motif in Japanese tattoo art and symbolizes longevity, good fortune, and peace. This dynamic artwork features a single crane with its wings spread as if it was about to fly. Fine line art adds depth and expression to the design.

29. Girly Side Hip Tattoo. Calling all drama queens! Can’t live without startling, attention-seeking tattoo designs? This vivid girly hip tattoo depicts a half-face of Medusa – a beautiful female creature with the head of snakes. With a mandala fanning out in the background, this sassy tattoo is sure to steal the spotlight.

30. Simple Hip to Thigh Tattoo. If you are into abstract brushstroke tattoo designs, check out this awesome piece! Completed in a monochromatic color scheme, this body art creates a flowing composition that enhances the natural curves of the body. Covering a significant portion of the leg, hip-to-thigh tattoos provide a large canvas for dope designs.

31. Yin and Yang Pisces. The idea of Yin and Yang is that of balance and harmony and a symbolic representation of a cycle of life. It can be conveyed through different graphic images, but Pisces swimming in opposite directions is one of the most common. And the most graceful!

32. Small but Meaningful Hip Tattoos. Not ready for a drastic body modification? You don’t have to with small hip tattoos that carry deep symbolism. It’s a wonderful form of self-expression that allows you to represent things that are important in your life.

33. Watercolor Jellyfish Design. Show off your sparkling personality with an outstanding watercolor jellyfish hip tattoo. This stunning design features delicate, flowing tentacles and a rounded, bell-shaped body with a jewel mandala on it. The watercolor-style technique used in the tattoo creates a soft, dreamy effect, with colors blending together seamlessly to create a sense of movement and fluidity.

34. Interesting Matching Hip Tattoos. Do you resonate in values and views with your best friend or significant other? Then you will surely love matching cursive tattoo ideas. Minimalistic word thigh tattoos proclaiming ‘loyalty’, ‘strength’, ‘love’, or ‘family’ are among the most universal ones.

35. Artistic Cross Hip Tattoo. Hunting for meaningful girls’ tattoos to get on your hip? A minimalistic cross hip tattoo is a simple yet powerful design that showcases your spiritual journey of soul-searching, while the placement of the tattoo on the hip area can provide a sense of privacy and personal significance.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the ability of hip tattoos to accentuate female curves, they are seen as a way to celebrate your femininity and bring out one of the most attractive areas of the body. We hope that you discovered a design that appeals to your style and will add a gorgeous touch to your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top choices of hip tattoos for women include delicate and sensual flower and plant motifs, mandalas, inscriptions, and animal motifs, from fluttering butterflies and birds in flight to powerful lions, elephants, and snakes.

A recent study shows that along with shoulder and upper back, most guys find hip tattoos the hottest kinds of tattoos on a woman. The hip area is regarded as one of the most appealing and sexy.

Apart from the obvious choice of a high-waist bikini on the beach, there are more discrete ways to flaunt a hip tattoo. You can wear shorts or a high-slit dress or skirt to flash your new ink.

Hip tattoos are strongly associated with femininity and sensuality. The natural curves of the female body suggest intimacy and eroticism, making the hip tattoo designs stand out particularly well.

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