A sternum tattoo is a unique and creative way to express your femininity. Sternum tattoos can be small and delicate or large and intricate, and they offer a wide range of design options. In this article, we’ll explore 40 sternum tattoo ideas that can help you reveal your feminine qualities in an artistic and meaningful fashion.

What Is a Sternum Tattoo

A sternum tattoo is a tattoo design that is placed directly over the sternum bone, which is located at the center of the chest. This type of tattoo is popular among women as it can be easily hidden with clothing, making it a discreet option for those who prefer not to display their tattoos all the time.

Things to Consider Before Getting One

Before getting a sternum tat, it is important to consider several factors:

  • Firstly, the pain level associated with getting a sternum tattoo can be high due to the proximity to the bone and nerve endings.
  • Secondly, the healing process may take longer than other areas of the body, as the sternum is constantly moving with the breath.
  • It is also important to choose a design that you will be happy with in the long term, as the placement is not easily covered up.
  • Lastly, although the tattoo will be discreet in professional setting, you will most probably still display it when wearing your swimsuit, so be sure to choose the design you’ll wear with pride.

40 Fascinating Sternum Tattoo Designs and Ideas

If you’re considering a sternum tattoo, there is a variety of designs to choose from, whether you prefer unique and bold or tiny and discreet options. Read on to explore some of the best sternum tattoos for women, from elegantly simplistic to intricate and bizarre.

1. Flower Sternum Tattoo. The sunflower and daffodil underboob tattoo is a beautiful and intricate artwork that features fanned flowers placed under the breast. Sunflowers represent positivity, happiness, and strength, while daffodils symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. This design can be customized with different colors and shading techniques to create a unique and personalized look.

2. Lotus Flower Sternum Tattoo. Are you looking for simple and sleek sternum tattoo ideas? How about an ornamental tattoo that features a crescent moon and a lotus flower placed at the center of the chest? The lotus represents purity, enlightenment, and rebirth, while the moon symbolizes feminine energy, intuition, and transformation.

3. Rose Sternum Tattoo. Flowers make for a stunning sternum tattoo for women! Inherently feminine, they represent beauty, love, and growth. Clever placement will allow your design to be peeking from your low-cut tops, strapless dresses, or bikinis with a low neckline.

4. Simple Gumamela Artwork. A hibiscus flower, aka gumamela, is known for its vibrant colors of pink, crimson, orange, and yellow, and is often associated with beauty and elegance. This freehand sternum tat proves that not all sternum tattoos for females have to be symmetrical to be beautiful.

5. Floral Sternum Tattoo with a Lavender. Two petite lavender branches tattooed at the center of the chest are a great fit if you are a tiny sternum tattoo enthusiast. Lavender is often associated with calmness, purity, and grace, making it a popular choice for those seeking subtle and delicate sternum tattoo ideas for females.

6. Mandala Sternum Tattoo. Mandala designs are mesmerizing and make for cool sternum tattoos due to their symmetrical nature. They also look amazing completed in fine linework, which makes them less painful than traditional tattoos thanks to a smaller needle used for this technique.

7. Lace Sternum Tattoos. Are you leaning into delicate body decorations with elaborate patterns? Then you might find appealing this lace and jewel girly sternum tattoo. This design can be customized with different lace patterns, thicknesses, and shading techniques for true personalization.

8. Skull Sternum Tattoo. This creative sternum tattoo draws inspiration from nature as well as a fantasy world. This bold and edgy design makes for a perfect sternum tattoo for men as well as women as it represents strength, power, and courage.

9. Moth Sternum Tattoo. If you are a nature buff and adore little creatures, why not show your love for them by placing them on your chest? Moths are often associated with mystery, transformation, and intuition, making them a popular choice for those seeking sternum tattoo ideas with rich symbolism.

10. Butterfly Sternum Tattoo. Much like flowers, butterflies are seen as delicate and feminine. But unlike flowers, they don’t have roots that hold them in one place. That’s why butterfly tattoos often symbolize freedom, the desire to travel and see the world, and adaptation.

11. Snake Tattoo Idea. The elongated yet coiled shape of a snake is one of the most natural fits for a breastbone tattoo. It fits right in with the ability to adjust the shape, stretching it up the breastbone or, alternatively, coiling under the breasts.

12. Bird Sternum Tattoo. Birds are a fantastic subject for tattooing as there is a range of different types to choose from and they are all full of expressive symbolism. A crane represents fidelity, long and happy marriage, and longevity. That’s why a crane is a popular image in sternum tattoos for men and women alike.

13. Owl Female Sternum Tattoo. This artistic design depicts an owl coupled with a mandala pattern. Owls are often linked with wisdom and intuition, while mandalas are known for their spiritual significance and symbolism. This design creates a unique and meaningful piece of body art.

14. Colorful Ornamental Lion. If you long for a head-turner of a tattoo, go for this juicy ornamental sternum-to-stomach piece! This vivid half-and-half tat shows a realistic lion’s face and a vibrant flower arrangement that illustrates the connection with nature.

15. Eagle Sternum Tat. This unique sternum tattoo in a neo-traditional style is bold and dynamic. It portrays an eagle, which is an expression of strength and freedom, with arrows piercing through its body. This design combines traditional tattoo elements with modern techniques and vibrant colors to make a striking and powerful statement.

16. Small Triangle Sternum Tattoo. How can you beat the sheer elegance and sacred geometry of abstract motifs? This simple sternum tattoo is delicate and doesn’t take up much space. But whenever you wish, you can extend the tattoo and add more details to the image.

17. Geometric Sternum Tattoo. For all minimalism enthusiasts, we give this geometric small sternum tattoo. With charming symmetry and harmonious cleavage placement, this tattoo makes a perfect body adornment that will complement your outfits.

18. Single Needle Artwork. We simply adore the single-needle tattooing technique for the finest, most elaborate linework. It requires meticulous precision on the part of the tattoo artist to prevent blowouts, though, so make certain you book a professional artist with good reviews.

19. One Line Sternum Tattoo. If you feel that a large tattoo is too overwhelming, you can always opt for an abstract one-line tattoo. With its thin linework and simple shapes, it manages to stay sleek and manageable.

20. Pretty Blackwork Design. The blackwork tattooing technique is a distinctive style that uses only black ink to create a bold graphic image. It’s distinguished for its conspicuous lines, dense black shading, and strategic use of negative space. Blackwork flowers make for pretty yet bold designs.

21. American Traditional Small Sternum Tattoo. This autumnal sternum piece demonstrates all the beauty of the American traditional tattoo style. Renowned for its simplicity, clarity, and timeless appeal, it is characterized by thick black outlines, bright and solid colors, and a limited color palette consisting of red, green, yellow, and blue.

22. Unique Chandelier Sternum Tattoo. This sizeable sternum tattoo is a real treat for a sore eye! The mandala design brings structure and sophistication to the chandelier-style tat, while floral motifs bring in a feminine and sensual touch, and the shape perfectly outlines the forms of the female body.

23. Cute Locket Sternum Tattoo. Seal it, lock it, and put it in your pocket! This stunning heart-shaped locket tattoo creates a meaningful body decoration that speaks of love, memories, and a special bond with your loved one. Customize it with charms, initials, or a special date.

24. Watercolor Breast Bone Tattoo. The lily of the valley flower is a symbol of purity, humility, and happiness, making it a popular choice for those seeking a sternum tattoo with meaning. The tattoo artist has used soft and blended colors to create a dreamy and ethereal effect that lends the tattoo a beautiful and artistic look.

25. Ornamental Sternum Tattoo Ideas. Love grand and dominant tattoos? Fancy sprawling sternum and stomach pieces? Then this body ink is a must-try. Displaying elegant symmetry, this piece offers an entry point for build-up elements and details.

26. Small Women Sternum Tattoo. If you can’t stand needles and the whole tattooing process feels uncomfortable for you, this small sternum tattoo is just for you. This minimalistic botanical tattoo utilizes fine linework and dotwork that barely touch the skin to create a charming tulip image.

27. Fineline Tattoo Ideas. Did you know that you could create a tattoo with a single continuous line, without lifting the needle from the skin? One-line tattoos are minimalistic and elegant and can be employed to create a variety of simple sternum tattoo designs, from geometric shapes to images of animals and nature.

28. Tribal Art Design for Girls. The beauty of geometric patterns is in their infinite flexibility – they can be adapted to any imagery or tattoo style. In this small sternum tattoo, a geometric pattern gets a subtle yet spectacular tribal twist.

29. Tiny Sternum Tattoo with a Writing. What a simple yet impactful women’s sternum tattoo! The cursive font adds an elegant and graceful touch to the tattoo, while the word “breathe” serves as a reminder to take a moment to pause and focus on one’s breath, especially during times of stress or anxiety.

30. Angel Sternum Tattoo for Females. Suffered a heartbreak or a loss? A meaningful tattoo might be a way to signal how you feel and start the healing process. The use of black ink creates a strong contrast, making the tattoo stand out and adding to its intensity.

31. Sword Sternum Tattoos for Women. A fire heart and a sword make for a striking sternum tattoo for women that represents passion and strength. The fire heart symbolizes intense emotions and burning desire, while the sword represents empowerment and fighting for what one believes in.

32. Third Eye Tat Design. Bring color to your life with a watercolor sternum ink art. This seemingly simple sternum tattoo image that depicts the Third Eye symbol includes color splashes and drips that add dimension to the design.

33. Heart Sternum Tattoo. Follow your heart and get a tiny dotwork heart tattooed at the center of your chest. It will look adorable on petite figures. If you are a proud owner of a bigger chest, consider upsizing the image proportionally.

34. Phases of Moon Sternum Tattoo. If you are fond of all things celestial, get a magnificent moon phase breast bone tattoo. Lunar motifs are popular sternum tattoo ideas for women as the moon is a symbol of feminine energy, intuition, and transformation, which resonates with many women.

35. Cool Sun Sternum Tattoo. Enjoy your moment in the sun on a daily basis with a dope solar tattoo. The sun is often associated with positivity, joy, and optimism, making it a popular choice for those who want a tattoo that reminds them to stay positive and embrace the beauty of life.

36. Sun and Moon Sternum Tattoo. Can’t decide whether to embrace solar or lunar powers? Integrate them both in one stunning ink art! With the moon phases that represent different stages of life and the sun that is associated with clarity, wisdom, and enlightenment, you only lack an ocean wave to make the design dynamic.

37. Star Sternum Tattoo Ideas for Females. Let the twinkling star on your chest light your way! Paired with an inspirational message in cursive lettering, it shows your values and beliefs, making it one of the cutest sternum tattoos ever.

38. Minimalistic Artwork. Though dainty and fragile, this sternum tattoo for women has a deep metaphorical meaning. It shows a neverending cycle of nature that always sprouts in greenery when the season comes.

39. Unalome Sternum Tattoo. Tiny and delicate, the unalome symbol represents the journey of life, death, and rebirth. If you want a tattoo that reflects your individuality, spiritual beliefs, or personal journey, there is no better sternum tattoo idea than the unalome.

40. Gothic Sternum Tattoo. Show your teeth with a macabre gothic-themed sternum tattoo! Depicted in a realistic style, the pterodactyl print demonstrates amazing shading and attention to detail. What a sassy piece to rock on your body! This design may also work great for vertical stomach scar coverage.

Final Thoughts

Sternum tattoos can be a beautiful and meaningful way to express oneself. Whether you opt for a small and delicate design or a large and intricate one, a sternum tat can be a unique way to showcase your individuality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sternum tattoos can be quite painful due to the proximity to bone and nerve endings. The pain level can vary from person to person, but it is generally considered to be a more painful area to tattoo.

Yes, you can wear a bra after getting a sternum tattoo. However, it is important to choose a comfortable and supportive bra that will not irritate the tattooed area during the healing process.

Yes, the sternum is one of the most feminine and attractive areas of the female body to get inked. Sternum tattoo designs can be a beautiful and unique way to express yourself.

Yes, due to the proximity to bone and nerve endings, a sternum tat is generally considered to be more painful than a rib tattoo.

The cost of a sternum tattoo can vary depending on several factors, such as the size, design, location, and the artist's experience. It is best to consult with a tattoo artist for a specific price estimate.

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