Opting for a shorter hairstyle can be a liberating experience. Nothing compares to the refreshing and rejuvenating feeling of a choppy pixie cut. If you’re seeking a transformation in your style, your hair is the perfect canvas to begin with.

Choosing a new hairstyle can be a daunting task, but there’s no need to stress over your decision. We have compiled a collection of 50 flattering long pixie cuts to assist you in making a choice. From tapered cuts featuring long bangs to trendy pixie bobs, this list encompasses all the finest styles for you to consider.

1. Pixie with Dark Side Swept Bangs. Are you yearning for a hairstyle that combines both length and a cropped look? Side-swept bangs can be the perfect solution, as they add a touch of length to this short haircut. This technique works wonders for those with thin hair, as the bangs provide extra volume. Additionally, layers can be incorporated to create the illusion of fullness and added texture.

2. Long Curtain Bangs Pixie. Looking to infuse your short hair with a touch of trendiness? Embrace the fashionable appeal of face-framing bangs, which can be styled with or without a center part. To achieve a polished finish, a spritz of hairspray will do the trick. This hairstyle is highly sought after in the world of high fashion and pairs exceptionally well with edgy fashion styles.

3. Long Top and Taper Fade. A textured pixie haircut is always in vogue, but what sets this one apart is the striking contrast created by the undercut and stylish chocolate brown highlights. The addition of a choppy fringe completes this hairstyle with perfection.

4. Pompadour with Wispy Blonde Bangs. Blondes certainly enjoy their fair share of fun, especially when they rock a pixie haircut. Embrace the contrast by keeping your dark roots intact, which adds depth to the overall look and eliminates the need for frequent bleaching. Remember to incorporate purple shampoo into your hair care routine to prevent any brassy tones.

5. Long Blonde Pixie Haircut. You can achieve a sophisticated and feminine look with a pixie cut without having it super short. Leaving the sides longer can create this effect. A blonde balayage can add a stunning dimension to the style and hints of silver can create a cool, icy vibe.

6. Curly Pixie Haircut. A pixie hairstyle is well-suited for curly hair as it prevents the curls from being weighed down and stretched. It’s recommended to keep the pixie slightly longer to allow the hair to form beautiful curls. Applying texturizing mousse or gel will help achieve a frizz-free and polished look.

7. Cute Pixie Cut. Leave behind the disheveled and uneven layers, as this smooth long pixie cut exudes the same level of coolness. With its low-maintenance nature, this hairstyle is perfect for women on the go. If you prefer to spend minimal time on styling, this haircut is the ideal choice for you.

8. Long Undercut Pixie with Chunky Highlights. A fantastic way to enhance your long pixie hairstyle is by incorporating a temple undercut and a deep side part, which creates a stylish look. Pairing this with high swoopy bangs adds a touch of flair. Adding highlights can bring added charm and brightness to your face, but remember to select a shade that complements your skin tone.

9. Rose Gold Choppy Pixie. Think balayage is only meant for long hair? Think again! Take a look at the incredible color possibilities you can achieve on your pixie cut. This multi-dimensional rose gold hue is absolutely captivating and is sure to turn heads with envy.

10. Long Pixie Cut for Brown Wavy Hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, it pairs beautifully with long pixie haircuts. For those with thick hair, consider incorporating a nape undercut to alleviate some of the weight and make the style more manageable.

11. Long Pixie Cut for Fine Hair. Long pixie cuts can create the illusion of more volume for those with fine and thin hair types. To enhance this effect, complement the cut with long bangs and a soft lilac color, resulting in a captivating and eye-catching style.

12. Long Shaggy Pixie Chop. A pixie cut with bangs is versatile and flatters all face shapes. To achieve a shaggy, wolf cut look, opt for bottleneck bangs combined with framing layers. For an added edge, consider trying this style in a striking bleached silver color.

13. Long Bangs for Platinum Blonde Pixie. If you have thick hair, you might be concerned about the bulk of hair on your face when wearing side-swept bangs. However, a skilled stylist can easily address this by incorporating smart layering techniques, resulting in effortless and stylish shaping of your locks. This is an ideal solution for managing excess volume in any hair type.

14. Honey Blonde Textured Pixie Style. Celebrate your thick hair with this lengthy pixie haircut. Incorporating long curtain bangs, extended side sections, and strategically placed layers, this hairstyle creates a shaggy and voluminous pixie look that is truly praiseworthy.

15. Choppy Pixie Bob for Thin Hair. This exemplifies the flattering effect of a layered chin-length pixie bob for those with thin hair. To achieve a face-framing effect, maintain bangs at cheekbone length. The low-maintenance nature of this long pixie cut makes it ideal for women with busy lifestyles.

16. Long Pixie Cut with Stunning Hair Texture. Featuring shadow roots and feathered layers, this textured pixie cut embraces a playfully tousled look. While keeping the top and bangs long, the back is closely tapered to create a striking contrast in length. This style is perfect for individuals who appreciate short and touchable hair.

17. Asymmetrical Long Pixie Haircut. You don’t have to go for a symmetrical look when getting a long pixie haircut! This particular style is asymmetrical, featuring long bangs on one side and cropped hair on the other. It’s a great choice for those with curly hair as it lets the natural curls cascade down the face in a relaxed and chic manner. Overall, it’s a very stylish and effortless look.

18. Ash Blonde Pixie Cut with Long Bangs. The combination of a nape fade and longer top strands creates a perfect balance in this hairstyle. The layers of the pixie cut are styled in a tousled manner using a texturing spray, giving it a relaxed and effortless vibe. The addition of cool ashy highlights adds to the overall look.

19. Undercut Pixie with Dramatic Swoop Fringe. The temple undercut is not only bold and edgy but also serves as a practical solution for managing coarse, thick hair. This stacked style, angled towards the face, beautifully frames facial features and creates a striking contrast between the long, thick side bangs and the faded side.

20. Blonde Pixie Haircut for Thick Hair. A blonde pixie hairstyle never fails to create a magical effect, especially when paired with a dimensional short hair balayage featuring a seamless blend of various hues. For those with tanned skin, warm blonde tones can amplify the radiance. The subtle curls and layers in the side-swept bangs provide the perfect finishing touch, adding depth and texture to the overall look.

21. Long Pixie with Volumuminous Top. This sophisticated long pixie cut showcases a textured look with wispy bangs and choppy layers, exuding elegance and charm. Even for those with naturally fine hair, the addition of a root powder can create breathtaking volume. The bright platinum blonde color not only adds a stylish touch but also effectively camouflages any emerging silver strands.

22. Pixie Bob with Face Framing Highlights. Rich and vibrant ginger and red hues exude chicness, particularly when paired with pale skin tones. If you’re fortunate enough to possess this natural color, you can enhance its allure with a trendy money piece and a captivating short hairstyle. The blunt ends of the hair not only add sharpness to facial features but also expertly contour the jawline for a polished look.

23. Chocolate Brown Long Pixie Style. The stacked back and cascading long side layers of this long pixie bob create a perfect balance of movement and face framing. To enhance the overall appeal, opt for a rich dark brown hair color, which is an excellent choice, particularly for young ladies.

24. Long Pixie Cut for Straight Hair. Long pixie hairstyles with layers are perfect for adding sassy natural texture to straight hair. If you’re looking to create the illusion of a slimmer face, incorporating long side bangs into your hairstyle is the way to go.

25. Longish Layered Pixie Chop for Curly Hair. An asymmetrical pixie cut enhances the allure of natural curls, exuding a sexy appeal. Maintain cheekbone-length curly bangs to accentuate your curls. Experiment with micro-plopping techniques to achieve the utmost curl definition.

26. Long Pixie Haircut with Pink Balayage. A pixie bob haircut allows for endless color possibilities, but for an attention-grabbing look, consider a skillfully executed balayage technique with seamless color blending. Embrace the captivating allure of blush pink tones harmoniously blended with a brown base.

27. Long Pixie Cut with Full Bangs. Discover a multitude of options to style your pixie haircut, featuring dramatically elongated bangs: sweep it to the side and gracefully tuck it behind your ear, create a captivating look with parted bangs in the middle for a frame-like effect, or confidently comb it upwards and towards the back to embrace a daring quiff style. The choice is yours to make!

28. Copper Pixie Haircut with Long Layers. If you have lengthy locks, transitioning to a pixie haircut may feel like a significant transformation. However, if you still crave a change, embarking on a journey with a short bob or a lengthy pixie cut can serve as an excellent initial step.

29. Long Jet Black Pixie Hairstyle. Opting for alternative hairstyles offers a wonderful opportunity to showcase your self-expression. With its sleek jet black shade and adorable temple undercut, this long pixie haircut earns its edgy appeal.

30. Long Pixie Cut with a Cropped Side. The asymmetrical contrast in lengths is a hairstyle that not everyone can rock. However, if you’re looking to embrace your inner rockstar, combining a long pixie with a short buzzed side can be a daring choice.

31. Pixie Haircut with Short Bangs and Framing Layers. This style exudes sophistication with its sleek straight hair and rich dark hair color. The front bangs and layered haircut beautifully frame the face, accentuating your facial features.

32. Long Pixie Cut for Straight Hair. The nape area of this long pixie cut is impeccably styled, emphasizing the allure of a graceful long neck. The flipped side bangs add a touch of delicacy and femininity to the overall look.

33. Swept Back Long Pixie Cut. Create a more open and radiant appearance by opting for a sleek swept-back pixie hairstyle. With the help of some gel or hairspray, you can effortlessly achieve a polished and ready-to-go look for your pixie cut.

34. Platinum Blonde Choppy Pixie with Purple Roots. Infusing your look with a touch of excitement can be achieved through experimenting with color. In this long pixie cut, the addition of purple dye at the roots creates an ombre effect, giving the style a distinct and personalized flair.

35. Long Pixie Hairstyle with Blonde Curls. This curly pixie cut embraces longer hair on the crown while keeping the sides neatly cropped, creating an ideal style for those with curly hair. The natural light color of the hair is enhanced with subtle blonde highlights, adding a complementary touch to the overall look.

36. Choppy Long Pixie Cut with Curtain Bangs. Choppy layers bring texture, style, and a touch of boldness to every pixie cut. The incorporation of trendy curtain bangs and rich dark chocolate tones that beautifully complement the model’s eyes makes it impossible to look away from this stunning haircut.

37. Messy Blonde Pixie Haircut. While not everyone may opt for blonde hair, a long pixie cut in a blonde shade is a chic and fashionable choice that you won’t regret. By maintaining slightly longer length, you’ll have the flexibility to explore various styling options, from sleek straight looks to tousled waves, allowing for a versatile and refreshing change in appearance.

38. Ear Length Pixie Cut for Dark Hair. With longer layers, achieving a naturally tousled look becomes effortless, requiring minimal styling effort. Whether you choose to use a curling iron or Flexi rods, the shorter length of your hair ensures that styling can be completed in just a few minutes.

39. Long Pixie Cut for Thick Hair. The way this long layered fringe gently brushes the chin is truly appealing. To enhance its appearance, it is important to keep the hair hydrated and nourished, so consider investing in high-quality products that will give your hair a healthy and glossy sheen.

40. Wispy Pixie with a Touch of Brightness. Long pixie cuts with textured layers are perfect for adding volume to thin hair. If you’re looking to give your cut a unique touch, consider incorporating shadow roots in a vibrant and funky shade. This unexpected detail will add a playful and trendy element to your hairstyle.

41. Ash Blonde Pixie Cut with Lavender Framing Layers. The ash blonde shade is undeniably stunning, but the addition of a touch of lavender takes it to another level of beauty. It’s truly remarkable how you can explore various color experiments with short pixie hair, resulting in exquisite and eye-catching looks.

42. Short to Long Pixie Hairstyle. By incorporating a gradual shift from the short side to the longer side, you have the flexibility to adjust the edginess of your haircut according to your daily preferences. Simply tuck the longer side behind your ear, and you’ll effortlessly achieve a neat and work-appropriate style.

43. Vivid Purple Pixie with Undercut. Choosing a long pixie cut doesn’t mean you have to go with the flow. This particular long pixie cut defies norms by incorporating a vibrant purple hue and a shaved undercut, resulting in a daring and trendy look.

44. Long and Thick Swoop Pixie. This image perfectly demonstrates the stunning effect of a gracefully sweeping fringe. To attain such a remarkable shine, it is essential to prioritize top-notch hair care.

45. Textured Silver Pixie Bob. Mature women frequently choose shorter hairstyles that require minimal upkeep while giving the illusion of fuller volume for thinning hair. This long, tousled pixie cut with short, wispy bangs exemplifies such a style and appears fabulous in a natural gray color.

46. Cute Pixie Style with Ringlets. It may be tempting to cut your hair super short, but if you have perfect ringlets, it’s best to restrain from the chop. Opt for a long pixie cut that allows your ringlets to shine. Using some gel in your hair care routine can help your curls stay in place all day.

47. Pastel Purple Long Pixie Cut. Attaining pastel shades can be challenging without initially bleaching your hair. Nevertheless, once you’ve achieved a bleached blonde pixie, you have the freedom to explore temporary colors at your leisure. Witness the color gracefully fade away, granting you a fresh hue every few days.

48. Long Pixie Cut with Rounded Back. Although the long layers on top make it effortless to grow out a pixie, it’s still a timeless and flattering style that you may not want to give up.

49. Bowl Cut Pixie Hairstyle. This fashionable bowl-cut pixie features intricate details such as a precise curvy design on the sideburns. While the dark color is optional, it can enhance the overall dramatic effect of your appearance!

50. Long Pixie Haircut with a Dramatic Quiff. In contrast to a short pixie, a long pixie offers a multitude of styling possibilities. With the help of reliable hair products and a little effort, you can achieve this edgy quiff style, which is ideal for evening occasions and making a bold statement.

Whether you desire a short hairstyle featuring sleek long bangs or prefer choppy layers, there are diverse options available to suit every woman, making the long pixie cut one of the most impressive short hairstyles we’ve encountered. We hope you feel inspired by what you’ve read, and be sure to bring these photos along to your next salon appointment to convey your desired style!

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