Have you been contemplating the idea of getting a collarbone tattoo lately? Tattoos can be empowering and serve as beautiful adornments for your body, making the process of selecting a unique design an exciting journey. Whether you’re drawn to floral tattoos or prefer abstract collarbone designs, the possibilities are endless.

These tattoo ideas for women will surely inspire those who are considering getting inked in the collarbone area. Are you ready to explore different designs and appreciate the beauty of inked artwork? Continue scrolling for more inspiration!

1. Symmetrical Leafy Branch Tattoo Art. Opting for nature-based tattoos is always a fantastic decision, especially if you desire a design that will complement a delicate body part. The collarbone area offers an exquisite canvas for plant or floral tattoos, allowing you to utilize the natural curves and lines of your bone structure to enhance the beauty of the artwork.

Symmetrical Collarbone Tattoos For Women

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2. Flower Tattoo Collection. A collarbone tattoo has the potential to be minimalistic, but don’t feel limited to that style! This particular floral design demonstrates that you can choose a more extravagant and intricate design while still exuding an elegant and sophisticated look.

Floral Collarbone Tattoo

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3. Mirrored Floral Tatt. The beauty of this floral design lies in its simplicity and repetition. The soft and delicate lines, along with the full bloom flower, create a tattoo that exudes a gentle elegance and femininity.

Matching Flowers and Petals Collarbone Tattoo

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4. Mini Pastel Floral Designs. If you’re hesitant about black ink for your collarbone tattoo, you can explore the vibrant world of pastel ink. Tattoo artists are embracing this trend, using bright pops of pink, blue, and green to create a beautiful contrast between the skin and the design. These pastel tattoos offer a minimal yet striking aesthetic that is sure to turn heads.

Tiny Pastel Collar Bone Tattoo

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5. Shoulder Butterflies Tattoo. A butterfly tattoo is a classic design that has a timeless appeal and represents freedom and life. If you’re searching for a collarbone tattoo that carries a significant meaning, a simple butterfly motif can be the perfect option to complete your ink design. While black ink is commonly used for this style, you can also discuss with your tattoo artist about incorporating vivid and vibrant hues to make it more personalized.

Butterflies Tattoos Oven and Under Collar Bone

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6. Shoulder to Chest Dragon Piece. Trendy collarbone tattoos for women are becoming more popular, with many opting for detailed dragon designs that symbolize a zest for life or a strong inner spirit. However, it’s essential to do thorough research on the cultural significance behind any symbols used in the tattoo design.

Feminine Dragon Tattoo on the Shoulder and Collar Bone Area

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7. Sensual Snake Collarbone Tattoo. While snakes can evoke fear in some individuals, there is an intriguing and delicate quality to snake tattoos. This unique style appears captivating with mainly black shading and a vibrant touch of red, offering a contemporary twist on traditional feminine designs.

Collarbone Tattoo Snake Design

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8. See-Through Leaf Design. The collarbone area provides a daring location for tattoos, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose a bold shoulder design. These delicate, feather-like plants exemplify the elegance and subtlety that can be achieved with a minimalist tattoo.

Classy Feminine One Side Collarbone Tattoo Design

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9. Green Ink Leafy Tattoos. While black ink tattoos dominate the scene today, there is room for breaking the norm. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider a navy or dark green shade to enhance the leaves on your collarbone. Whether you choose to ink directly on the bones or just below, an off-black ink will beautifully accentuate your chest area.

Olive Leave Chest Tattoo for Women

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10. Delicate Flower and Bird Chest Tattoo. Women often gravitate towards floral tattoos as their top choice. However, if you’re looking for a unique twist, consider incorporating birds into your design. To add a personal touch, involve your loved ones by asking them to choose their favorite birds and plants. This way, you can create a tattoo with a hidden meaning that is truly special to you.

Florals and Birds Collarbone Tattoo Design for Women

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11. Bold Red and Pink Roses. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embrace the stunning array of colors available in the world. This captivating floral tattoo combines intricate artwork with a vibrant color palette, resulting in a sensational outcome. Keep in mind that since this tattoo extends across the collarbone, shoulder, and chest, it may be slightly more painful. Prior to getting inked, be sure to communicate any concerns or worries you have with your tattoo artist.

Colorful Roses Tattoo on the Shoulder and Chest Area

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12. Pale Pink Floral Tattoo Design. If you’ve been drawn to colorful tattoos, why not explore the trend of pale pink ink? This cherry blossom tattoo showcases a style that incorporates minimal shading, allowing for a less intense and more manageable tattooing experience while maintaining the integrity of the design. It’s an excellent option for those new to getting tattoos.

Cherry Blosson Collarbone and Chest Tattoo

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13. Under Clavicle Floral Tattoos. Tattoos applied directly on the collarbone area can be uncomfortable to get inked due to the proximity to bones. To avoid any additional pain, tattoo artists can strategically position the design just below the collarbone, maintaining its alignment along the clavicle. This particular design showcases vibrant roses and a prominent star, making a striking and captivating statement.

Black Ink Symmetrical Collar Bone Tattoo

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14. Mini Collarbone Tattoo Designs. The current trend in tattoos is for miniature designs with tiny, simple shapes. This leaf design is a prime example of the understated elegance that can be achieved. But beware: if the artist is in a hurry or doesn’t take enough care, these mini tattoos can fade quickly. As getting a tattoo is a significant decision, it’s always best to seek out a professional artist for the best results!

Small Branches Collar Bone Tattoos

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15. Flower Bouquet Tattoo. This floral selection goes beyond the boundaries of the clavicle, extending its intricate and stunning design to cover the shoulder and chest, resulting in a remarkable and eye-catching outcome. With this tattoo, you’ll always be eager to wear sleeveless tops!

Inked Floral Tattoo in the Collar Bone Area

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16. Colorful Tattoo Design. The majority of tattoos typically incorporate black outlines to distinguish the design from the client’s skin. However, what if you eliminate those black lines? The result is a delicate design with a refined aesthetic. This style is impossible to overlook, especially when it comes to floral patterns.

No Black Ink Color Tattoo for Women

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17. One-Sided Chest Tattoo. Body art is a form of self-expression, allowing you to create something unique and personal. Opting for a one-sided chest and collarbone design is a stylish approach to having a collarbone tattoo without adding extra discomfort.

Curved Botanic Tattoo Over the Breast

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18. Alternative Collarbone Tattoo. Feeling adventurous and looking to break away from the typical collarbone tattoo trends? Consider replacing flowers with leafy plants and mushrooms instead! These tattoo ideas offer a fresh twist on the traditional floral concept, providing you with a more distinctive and unique design. Don’t be afraid to embrace color, just like this vibrant pink and green tattoo.

Unusual Collar Bone Tattoo for Women

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19. Dandelion Collarbone Tattoo Designs. Dandelions may not be the most conventional choice, but these collarbone tattoos beautifully capture the essence of nature and graceful motion. To achieve the ultimate look, it’s recommended to choose delicate lines for the design.

Feminine Dandelion Tattoo Idea

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20. Flowing Abstract Tattoo on a Collar Bone . Flowing lines and swirls can produce a harmonious appearance on the collarbone area. In this tattoo, gentle curves are employed to achieve a subtle yet contemporary look on the model’s shoulder. It’s a fantastic choice if you desire a tattoo that extends across multiple body parts.

Swirls Collarbone Tattoo Design

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21. Bow and Arrow Tattoo Design. Mythology has always been a widely embraced theme, both in life and in the realm of tattoos. This particular design features a moon and arrow motif that can be personalized to honor your favorite tales. Your tattoo artist will enjoy weaving a narrative through the art of ink. To inject a vibrant touch, consider incorporating additional sunflowers or roses.

Arrow and Bow Collarbone Tattoo

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22. Crescent Moon and Arrow Design. Adding a graceful twist to the moon and bow concept, this collarbone tattoo showcases a delicate feather instead of flowers. The skilled artist has opted for dark navy and purple hues, evoking a nighttime ambiance and lending the design a captivating allure.

Feathery Arrow and Crescent Moon Collarbone Tattoo

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23. Infinity Symbol with a Name. When it comes to getting inked, infusing personal meaning into your inspiration is key. Customizing collarbone tattoos with small quotes and names is a popular choice, as showcased in this infinity design adorned with delicate text.

Meaningful Collarbone Tattoo

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24. Cosmic Planet Tattoo That’s Out of This World. The beauty of planetary tattoos is undeniable, and this collarbone tattoo exemplifies it perfectly. Choose to depict miniature planets and incorporate intricate details to replicate this gracefully curved tattoo design.

Feminine Planets Collarbone Tattoo

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25. Sparkles and Stars Collarbone Piece. The purpose of getting a tattoo is to enhance one’s beauty. A great way to do this on the collarbone is to use small star symbols, like in this tattoo design, to create a subtle night sky effect without being too overpowering.

Small Stars Tattoo Under the Collar Bone

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26. Cute Yet Minimal Planet Ink. Collarbone tattoo ideas encompass a wide range of styles, but designs inspired by the sky hold significant popularity for the neck and collarbone region. This choice allows for the placement of delicate stars, planets, and moons around the bone and breast area, accentuating your features.

Dainty Moon and Stars Collarbone Tattoo

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27. Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design. We all have that friend who is obsessed with zodiac signs, and if that’s you, take a look at this simple and minimalist astrological tattoo. Beautifully accentuating the shoulder area, this tiny tattoo is a perfect choice for anyone fascinated by the mysteries of the stars.

Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design for Women

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28. Ornate Chest Pattern. Why settle for subtlety when you can proudly display your tattoos? This concept is a fantastic option for those who appreciate larger tattoo designs. Ensure the placement is perfectly nestled under your collarbone, for a symmetrical and striking result.

Full Chest Tattoo Design for Women

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29. Dot Work Neck and Collar Bone Tattoo. Give your tattoo artist the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise with this expansive and intricate collarbone tattoo. While most collarbone tattoos tend to be smaller in size, this dot-work pattern will yield a truly unique outcome. Mind, however, that the design may induce more discomfort when applied to the bony areas.

Ornamental Collar Tattoo Design

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30. Cute Decorative Tattoo. Have you ever come across a pattern so exquisitely captivating that you yearn to have it permanently inked on your skin? Look no further than this tattoo for inspiration. With its intricate details and placement beneath the collarbone, this design transforms an ornamental motif into a true work of art.

Small Ornamental Collarbone Tattoos

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31. Impressive Red Tattoo. Tattoo enthusiasts, pay attention! This stunning red and black tattoo design is a must-see. Featuring intricate details and a realistic depiction of a red planet at its center, this collarbone-framing tattoo is a masterpiece that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Large Lace Tattoo with Red Planet on the Sternum

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32. Dragonfly and Brief Quote Tattoo. Quote tattoos are a beloved choice among women, but did you know that you can elevate them by combining them with your favorite animal? Whether it’s soaring birds or graceful dragonflies, incorporating an animal into your quote design adds a captivating touch.

Dragon Fly and Short Quote Girly Tattoo

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33. Soaring Birds and Cursive Tattoo Design. Embrace the combination of delicate feathers and adorable charm with this winged collarbone tattoo. The vibrant inkwork, particularly the striking blues, adds an extra allure to the design.

Carpe Diem Tattoo Idea for Women

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34. Basic Linear Quote. Adding a meaningful quote to your collarbone tattoo can enhance its significance. Prior to getting inked, take the time to explore different fonts that will allow your text tattoo to gracefully span your collarbone area.

Linear Collarbone Quote Tattoo

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35. Flower and Quote Interwoven Tattoo. For those planning to get a tattoo in the near future, selecting a sophisticated floral design is highly recommended. This timeless symbol can be seamlessly combined with words or a name, making it an ideal choice, particularly for mothers seeking a meaningful tribute.

Cursive Word and Florals Collar Bone Tattoo

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36. One Word Tattoo on a Collarbone. Why use multiple words when a single word can convey it all? Opting for a one-word collarbone tattoo embraces the essence of simplicity to the fullest.

One Word Classy Feminine Collar Bone Tattoo

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37. Polygonal Flying Bird Tattoo. Elevate feather designs to a whole new level with this geometric-inspired bird motif. One wing showcases the intricate details of real feathers, while the other wing embraces unique shapes, creating a contemporary interpretation of feathers.

Geometric Colorful Hummingbird Colibri Tattoo

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38. Three Little Birds Ink Seek inspiration from this adorable bird design and immortalize your loved ones by incorporating a bird for each of your family members. This charming idea serves as a perfect tattoo concept to celebrate motherhood and the bond with your family.

Simple Line Heart and Birds Collarbone Tattoo

via @devilientattooz

39. Rising Phoenix Tattoo. If you frequently find yourself drawn to feather tattoo designs, you might find the vibrant rising phoenix tattoo particularly captivating. With its stunning hues of purple and blue, this style is ideally situated beneath the collarbone, allowing you the option to conceal or reveal it as desired.

Phoenix Tattoo Under the Collar Bone

via @harsh.sethi02

40. Infinity Sign Collarbone Design. Personalize your infinity collarbone tattoo by incorporating your favorite elements such as text, butterflies, or pastel flowers. This design is a beautiful combination of popular patterns and motifs that can be further customized to make it your own.

Infinity Sign and Feather Clavicle Tattoo

via @jelena.gajic76tattoo

41. Matching Collarbone Tattoos. Show your everlasting bond with your best friend by getting matching collarbone tattoos featuring the infinity symbol and two hands. This design symbolizes a lasting friendship that will never fade away.

Matching Collarbone Tattoos with Hands and Infinity Signs

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42. Neck and Collar Bone Tattoo Designs. Why limit yourself to just one area when you can showcase your tattoos on two? These unique designs utilize different words to adorn the skin, allowing the artist’s talent to shine through.

Short Cursive Quote and Feather Tattoos in the Collarbone Area

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43. Small Wave Design. Enhance your collarbone with these petite waves. Regardless of whether you have a deep affinity for the water or not, this contemporary collarbone tattoo is undeniably stunning.

Delicate Waves Collarbone Tattoo

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44. Mountain Themed Collarbone Tattoo. Hold the mountains near to your heart with this minimalist travel tattoo in line style. Collarbone tattoos have the power to encapsulate your beloved destinations, making it an indispensable concept for tattoo enthusiasts with a yearning for adventure.

Mountains Collarbone Tattoo Design

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45. Ocean Wildlife Collarbone Tattoos. Sophisticated collarbone tattoos for women encompass an array of designs, and the most exceptional ones often embrace alternative choices. Take, for instance, this captivating whale illustration, which presents a unique and refreshing take on traditional collarbone tattoos.

Whale Collarbone Tattoo Design

via @poizonberryink

46. Koi Fish Collarbone Piece. The graceful nature of movement is beautifully encapsulated in the koi fish illustration. This tattoo design is particularly appealing for those who appreciate traditional or Japanese-inspired tattoos, as it harmoniously aligns with their aesthetic preferences.

Inked Fish Collarbone Tattoo Design

via @nst.bessarab

47. Flower and Fish Tattoo. When designs share a similar color palette, they can effortlessly complement each other, as exemplified by this pastel pink blossom and fish tattoo. Positioned just below the clavicle, this collarbone tattoo can be adjusted to a different placement if preferred.

Colorful Fish Collarbone Tattoo Design

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48. Aqua Jellyfish Tattoo Design. Jellyfish, with their distinctive shape, make for a perfect choice when it comes to tattoos. This particular design gracefully spans the collarbone and breast area, leaving a lasting impression.

Blue Jellyfish Collarbone Tattoo Design

via @electricinktattoostudio

49. Snake Artwork with Leaves. Contemplating the idea of a snake artwork as a tattoo? Enhance the design with your preferred plant or herb, adding a personal touch that intertwines nature and serpents in a unique tattoo concept.

Snake Tattoo Under the Collar Bone for Women

via @peledaitis

50. Realistic Tiger Collarbone Tattoo. Collarbone tattoos offer a versatile canvas for various designs, as exemplified by this photo-realistic depiction of a tiger. This stunning artwork is ideal for those who hold a special fondness for feline creatures, be it large or small.

Tiger Tattoo Design for Women

via @haening_tattoo

51. Spooky Spider Tattoo Design. Collarbone tattoos are not limited to feminine and pink designs. This spider illustration showcases how tattoos can embrace a spooky and stylish aesthetic.

Realistic Spider Clavicle Tattoo

via @familiatattoo_bali

52. Watercolor Collarbone Tatt. Attention to all enthusiasts of vibrant colors! This tattoo design skillfully imitates brushstrokes, resulting in a lifelike watercolor art appearance. A collarbone tattoo that is bound to captivate all observers.

Playful Cat Watercolor Collarbone Tattoo

via @mr.jones.tattoo

53. Sternum to Collarbone Tattoos. Looking to merge two highly sought-after tattoo locations? This dragonfly tattoo stretches seamlessly from the space between the client’s collarbones to the sternum, gracefully nestled between her breasts.

Centered Sternum and Collarbone Dragonfly Tattoo

via @kriya.ink

54. Basic Name Tattoo. If you appreciate intricate tattoos but prefer a smaller size, consider this uncomplicated name design. Featuring an elegant cursive font and precise positioning along the collarbone, every aspect of this tattoo design is deliberate and refined.

Simple Collarbone Name Tattoo

via @ashleylorrainelimon

55. Little Initial Tattoo. Tattoos need not always seek attention, as demonstrated by this straightforward initial design. While the small text is captivating, you can effortlessly substitute the letters with Roman numerals for an alternative and unique twist.

Small Initials in the Collarbone Area

via @mafaldadiegotattoo_artist

56. Heartbeat Collarbone Ink. Whose heart holds your affection? Commemorate your loved ones with a medical heartbeat tattoo. Whether you opt for an authentic ECG reading or not, the choice is yours to make!

Heartbeat and Date Collarbone Tattoo

via @senimemori.tattoo

57. Ornamental Heart Tattoo. Transforming vintage patterns into a timeless design, this ornamental heart tattoo captures the essence of eternal beauty. Consult with the tattoo artist to determine the optimal placement, whether it be closer to the shoulder or towards the collarbone area, considering your unique body features.

Intricate Heart Tattoo Design

via @auua.tattoo

58. Fingerprint Heart Tattoo Design. Make your loved ones a permanent part of your life with this realistic fingerprint heart tattoo design, complete with small Roman numerals below the motif for added significance. It’s a meaningful way to have your loved ones leave a lasting impression on your body.

Fingerprint Collarbone Tattoo Idea

via @1920tattoozhub

59. Rainbow Colored Bubble Tattoo. Rainbow-colored tattoos are common, but this bubble-inspired design takes it to the next level with its cute appearance. The artist’s skillful shading and use of soft colors make it particularly appealing to fans of Kawaii style.

Watercolor Bubbles Collarcone Tattoo

via @palette.tt

60. Mix & Match Collarbone Tattoos. With numerous collarbone tattoo ideas to consider, selecting a design can be a challenging task. This particular design combines elements like hands, moths, plants, and bones to create a distinctive and captivating effect. However, the choice is yours to personalize it further. Whether you prefer a feminine rose tattoo or a daring nail design, feel free to explore various options and unleash your creativity.

Matching Female and Skeleton Hands Collarbone Tattoos

via @blxckcraft.ink

What collar bone tattoo designs are you considering? Are you interested in a refined crescent moon design or do you prefer a vibrant sunflower tattoo? The possibilities are limitless. We hope this blog has sparked your imagination! We value your feedback, so please share your thoughts and let us know which design captured your heart in the comments section!

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