This year the iconic 70’s shag hairstyle is making a remarkable comeback with a modern twist and a new moniker: the wolf cut. Seen on influential trendsetters like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Keke Palmer, these daring wolf cuts are creating a significant buzz in the fashion world.

What Precisely Is a Wolf Haircut?

The wolf cut is a stylish fusion of the 70’s shag hairstyle and the 80’s mullet, showcasing longer layers at the bottom and shorter, textured layers on top. It includes face-framing curtain bangs for an added touch. This combination creates volume at the crown and adds texture throughout the hair. The longer layers are distinct from the choppy top layers, resulting in fluid movement and distinct sections.

Explore a diverse range of wolf hairstyles showcased on hair of varying lengths, textures, and colors, featuring the finest examples of this trendy haircut.

1. Shoulder Length Wolf Haircut. The wolf cut at shoulder length incorporates thinner ends, allowing the volume to be concentrated at the crown. This length is ideal for women seeking a low-maintenance and flattering style that accentuates textured ends.

2. Long Disheveled Wolf Cut. If you desire to add excitement to your long locks without sacrificing length, an edgy wolf cut is the answer. The incorporation of choppy layers on the top effectively reduces weight and creates impressive volume, particularly beneficial for those with thicker hair.

3. Short Wolf Hairstyle. A cute choice for a short wolf cut, particularly when combined with blonde hair, offers a flattering look, especially for younger women. The abundance of volume and texture provided by this hairstyle contributes to an incredibly stylish and trendy appearance.

4. Highly Textured Wolf Haircut. This variation of the wolf haircut emphasizes longer layers that are deeply textured, resulting in a sense of dynamic movement. Enhance the style with an attention-grabbing detail such as contrasting color block highlights, and you’ll achieve a captivating look that is bound to attract attention.

5. Mullet Wolf Hairstyle. The versatility of the wolf cut extends beyond hair lengths, types, and face shapes—it can also be tailored to match your personality. By incorporating heavily textured and intentionally choppy layers, you can achieve an edgy rockstar aesthetic. On the other hand, opting for a mullet wolf haircut can create a softer, more feminine appearance while still showcasing your natural hair texture without being overly wild.

6. Long Wolf Haircut with Thick Bangs. If you’re drawn to the wolf cut hair trend but aren’t ready to part with your long locks, this idea will surely captivate you. Adding texture to the crown of your hair adds an intriguing element to the style, while shorter layers provide the volume you’ve been longing for.

7. Super Shaggy Wolf Haircut. For women with fine hair that lacks volume, the wolf cut is an excellent option. Its multiple shaggy layers work wonders in lifting the hair, creating a volume that would be difficult to achieve with a smoother style. To maintain the beauty of your trendy wolf cut, it’s advisable to seek guidance from your hairstylist regarding the best texturizing spray that suits your hair type.

8. The 80’s Vibe Wolf Cut. This variation of the wolf haircut embodies the essence of the classic shag. With its shaggy style, it serves as an ideal choice for ladies with naturally wavy hair, complementing a wide range of face shapes.

9. Dynamic Wolf Hairstyle with Micro Bangs. The abundance of layers and tapered ends in this hairstyle contributes to its airy and voluminous appearance. However, it’s the vibrant copper shade and ultra-short bangs that truly grab attention. The combination of an edgy wolf cut and a bold color is undeniably striking. However, it’s important to note that maintaining such colors is crucial for their continued brilliance.

10. Wolf Haircut for Medium Length Hair. If you’re looking for a wolf cut that achieves a harmonious blend of edginess and a natural aesthetic, look no further than this inspiring idea. With moderate layers and subtly blended highlights, this wolf haircut is ideal for those who appreciate classic hairstyles with a modern twist.

11. Fuchsia Pink Wolf Cut. Wolf haircuts can be equally stunning on straight hair, not just curly or wavy locks. Opting for a shoulder-length wolf hairstyle can result in a fantastic look. With shorter layers, you can achieve more volume and a lifted appearance. To make a bold statement, consider adding a vibrant color like this vibrant fuchsia shade, and revel in the attention that comes your way.

12. Classic Wolf Hairstyle. Capture the stylish vintage essence with a timeless rendition of the wolf haircut, leaning towards the shag style. Abundant textured layers and intricately layered bangs contribute to the alluring appeal of this cut.

13. Messy Wolf Cut. To add volume and enhance the texture of your natural brown hair, consider incorporating blonde highlights and opting for a wolf cut. This versatile haircut complements various hair textures, as demonstrated by its suitability for long, straight hair. The inclusion of shaggy bangs and layers effortlessly creates impressive volume.

14. Pixie Wolf Hairstyle. Looking to add a stylish twist to your short hair? Consider opting for a wolf haircut! This haircut is an excellent choice as it incorporates short layers that add abundant texture. Additionally, the inclusion of curtain bangs gives the wolf hairstyle a remarkably feminine appearance.

Short Platinum Blonde Wolf Cut
via @blackbirdxrenee

15. Voluminous Wolf Cut. If you have thin hair, the versatile wolf cut can be your savior. Its intricate layering technique works wonders in adding volume to thin hair, giving it the boost it needs to showcase your natural texture beautifully.

16. Ginger Red Wolf Haircut. Wolf cuts are a fantastic solution for managing thick, unruly hair, transforming its challenging texture into a distinct advantage. By incorporating a combination of long and short layers, this haircut enhances the natural volume of coarse, wavy locks. Furthermore, it simplifies the task of styling and maintaining your hair.

17. Super Voluminous Wolf Cut. This elegant wolf hairstyle exudes a feminine and romantic charm, achieved through gentle layering and a full fringe. By embracing the natural texture of the woman’s hair, this cut maximizes volume with minimal effort, often requiring only a light round brush styling to achieve stunning results.

18. Curly Wolf Haircut. Curly hair is undeniably one of the hair types that truly shines with a wolf haircut. The strategic layering enhances the natural bounce and definition of curls, allowing for customizable volume based on personal preferences.

19. Tousled Wolf Hairstyle. This particular iteration of the wolf cut showcases shorter layers on the crown, offering effortless styling options for a wild and tousled appearance. Infuse your style with a bold and vibrant hue to fully embrace the rebellious aesthetic.

20. Chic Wolf Hairstyle. Wolf cuts encompass more than just edgy and daring styles; you can also achieve an elegant and sophisticated look with a sleek wolf cut. To achieve a completely refreshed appearance, opt for a hair color that complements your eye color and skin tone.

21. Shoulder Length Wolf Cut Hairstyle. A shoulder-length wolf cut is a fashionable choice for individuals transitioning from short to longer hair. It effectively maintains the ease of a short hairstyle while allowing you to become accustomed to longer locks. Plus, you might even find yourself opting to keep the wolf cut for an extended period.

22. Sleek Short Wolf Haircut. This hairstyle leans more towards the mullet haircut, exuding a remarkable level of heat and style. To achieve a polished look, glide a flat iron through the layers. The inclusion of curtain bangs further enhances the allure of this bold and spirited wolf cut.

23. Mahogany Red Short Wolf Cut. To make your wolf cut truly remarkable, consider complementing it with a vibrant shade. However, you don’t necessarily have to opt for neon pink or acid green; even a classic mahogany can achieve the desired effect. Just ensure that you choose a hue that enhances your skin tone.

24. Wavy Wolf Hairstyle. For those blessed with naturally unruly waves, a wolf cut can be the perfect solution. By incorporating layers, this hairstyle will alleviate the weight and bring manageability to your locks, while simultaneously infusing them with stunning texture.

25. Juicy Colored Wolf Cut. This attention-grabbing wolf cut is achieved by combining a timeless chin-length bob with abundant shaggy layers. However, it is the captivating color that truly sets it apart, as the striking blend of creamy blonde and vibrant red exudes a bold and vibrant allure.

26. Low-Maintenance Wolf Hiarcut. If you’re a fan of air drying, this wolf cut is just what you need. Its short, choppy layers on top gradually lengthen towards the ends, creating volume and flow in the hair. To finish the style, wispy bangs are an excellent choice, as they help to balance out longer face shapes.

27. Feathery Wolf Haircut. Feathering is a popular method to give the illusion of lighter and more voluminous hair, especially for those with thick locks. When combined with the trendy wolf cut, it results in a chic and sophisticated style that exudes both sassiness and femininity.

28. Tapered Wolf Cut Hairstyle. The crown with shorter hair strands and tapered ends appears stunning when styled in a platinum color. For ladies blessed with sleek, straight hair, applying a texturizing spray can add some desired texture and dimension.

29. Long Wolf Haircut with Blunt Bangs. Wolf cuts are adored for their effortlessly stylish appeal, requiring minimal effort such as air drying and straightening the bangs with a flat iron. However, if you have fine hair, it is advisable to incorporate a volumizing product into your routine for enhanced results.

30. Curly Wolf Cut. A wolf cut can transform naturally curly hair, giving it a completely rejuvenated appearance. By incorporating layers into your locks, your ringlets will flourish, resulting in voluminous and textured hair throughout. To enhance the overall effect, consider adding bold and striking bangs.

31. Super Textured Wolf Cut. For those with long hair, this daring wolf hairstyle is worth considering. The incorporation of textured layers adds an edgy and bold touch, making it an ideal choice for women with a strong and confident personality.

32. Classic Wolf Haircut in Dark Brown. With a wide range of options available, wolf haircuts offer versatility and the ability to choose a style that suits your hair type and facial features. This particular example showcases a simple yet adorable wolf hairstyle that is universally flattering and suitable for women of all ages.

33. Voluminous Wolf Hairdo for Wavy Hair. A wolf cut is versatile enough to suit various occasions, whether formal or informal. For instance, you can enhance the volume by using a preferred volumizing product and styling your hair into gorgeous loose waves, adding an elegant touch for any special event.

Wolf Hairstyle on Thick Brown Hair
via @thehairrobot

34. Long Wolf Haircut in Ash Blonde. For women who favor longer layers, this wolf haircut idea is undoubtedly among the top choices. The extended top layers offer the convenience of easily gathering your hair into a high ponytail, making it a practical choice for active and sporty individuals.

35. Medium Length Wolf Cut. A wolf cut at shoulder length provides the best of both worlds, offering the ease of maintaining a short haircut while still retaining the feminine charm of longer hair. To complement this length, shorter curtain bangs are a stylish choice.

36. Wolf Haircut with Wispy Layers. Opt for numerous delicate layers to create a light and romantic appearance. Complete the look with wispy bangs for a fresh take on a popular hair trend.

37. 90’s Vibe Wolf Hairstyle. This edgy wolf cut with short choppy layers, emphasized ends, and micro bangs exudes a unique 90’s aesthetic. The best part is that it’s relatively simple to achieve. To rock this hairstyle, ensure you have hair wax or extra-hold gel on hand. Apply the product through your hair with your fingers and allow it to air dry.

38. Wolf Crop for Thin Hair. Wolf cuts can be customized to enhance the beauty of any hair texture. If you have thin hair, choosing a longer version of the cut is a wise decision. It’s important to strike a balance and avoid excessive choppiness as it may diminish volume. Long bangs and loose waves also contribute significantly, creating an illusion of thickness and fullness for finer strands.

39. Wolf Haircutut with Shorter Layers on Top. With its shag-like appearance on the upper section, this captivating wolf cut sets itself apart by incorporating considerably longer layers below the chin. Introducing vibrant blonde highlights adds an element of excitement and offers a unique and playful twist to your wolf cut.

40. Wolf Cut with Smoky Purple Underlayer. Elevate your traditional wolf cut by infusing it with an unconventional hue like this enchanting purple. However, it’s important to keep in mind that vibrant colors require adjustments to your hair care regimen in order to maintain the longevity and radiance of your stunning shade.

The versatility of wolf cuts is evident as you explore the various options available. You have the freedom to play with layer lengths, incorporate feathering, or embrace an edgy choppy style. Moreover, wolf haircuts can be tailored to different lengths, ranging from pixie cuts to longer styles. This popular haircut proves beneficial for women facing diverse hair challenges, offering volume to fine hair and alleviating the weight of thick tresses.

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