Medium haircuts for round faces offer both versatility and flattering options. The exciting aspect is that there are numerous ways to showcase your unique style with a medium length, whether it’s through shags, choppy bobs, sleek lobs, or variations with or without bangs. Continue reading to find inspiration for your next hairstyle!

1. Platinum Blonde Shag for Wavy Hair. Make a bold statement with your next hairstyle by opting for a cute medium haircut like this stunning platinum blonde look. The longer curtain bangs and middle part create a flattering slimming effect for your adorable round face. It’s the perfect choice to showcase your style and turn heads wherever you go.

2. Shoulder-Length Haircut with a Side Part. Enhance the allure of shoulder-length hair for round faces by adding a touch of glamour to the ends. Embrace large waves and a deep side part to create volume and dimension that accentuates your features.

3. Blonde Shoulder-Length Layers. If you’re seeking a haircut that combines bangs and layers, the feathered shoulder-length style is an ideal choice. Regardless of how you part your hair, the addition of layers will contribute to a voluminous and healthy appearance.

4. Blonde Balayage Lob for Wavy Hair. For round faces, a peek-a-boo balayage lob is an excellent choice for mid-length hair. This hairstyle helps create the illusion of a perfectly oval face by incorporating long face-framing pieces that cover one side. Additionally, the beautiful color fade in the balayage technique draws the eye downward, elongating the face shape.

5. Brunette Shag. While a medium blunt haircut can be flattering for certain face shapes, a round face tends to look even better with an edgy razored bob cut. To further enhance the visual appeal, you can incorporate a few highlights into your hair, which will add dimension and visual interest.

6. Choppy Long Bob for a Chubby Face. Round-faced gals can explore a wide variety of lob haircuts, each offering unique styles and colors. However, this particular lob stands out from the rest, thanks to its razored edges and stunning blonde highlights. Ladies with fine hair will especially love this hairstyle as it provides ample volume and natural movement.

7. Copper Red Side-Parted Curls. If you desire a medium to short hairstyle that exudes volume and sophistication,this one might be just right for you. The ends of the hair are styled with ample volume, giving it a fuller appearance. The addition of big waves adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the overall look.

8. Blonde Curls with Bangs. For women with round faces, medium hairstyles with bangs can be beautifully complemented by voluminous curls, particularly for those with thin hair. To create an enchanting look for a date night, consider straightening only the bangs while allowing the rest of your blonde curly lob to cascade freely.

9. Dark Waves Inspo. Although the long, thick hair has its own beauty, its weight causes it to hang straight down, exposing the model’s face. On the other hand, the shorter face-framing waves offer a gentler approach that enhances the attractiveness of her adorable round face.

10. Sleek Waves and Shadow Roots. Medium length hairstyles for round faces offer versatility in styling. You can opt for a sleek, straight look for a polished appearance at the office, or go for tousled waves to create a more glamorous look for a night out.

11. Low Effort Styling. This fabulous lob hairstyle features longer locks on one side, creating the illusion of a narrower round face while adding height for a stylish and well-balanced look.

12. Disheveled Blonde Lob. Rock a sassy medium choppy haircut like this and channel your inner Charlie’s Angel. Create a middle part, opt for a textured and effortlessly messy cut, and enhance your look with easy waves by scrunching your wet hair with a touch of styling product.

13. Thick Curly Lob Style. For those with medium length curly hair, a side-parted lob is a fantastic choice to showcase your beautiful curls. To tame and control your thick hair, use a curl creme. This hairstyle offers volume without making your face appear wider, thanks to the side part and comb-over styling.

14. Vibrant in Violet. One of the most enjoyable ways to add excitement to a charming medium haircut is by choosing your favoorite color and incorporating it into your hair!

15. Medium Chop with Side-Swept Bangs. This medium choppy haircut in a sunny blonde shade truly knows how to make a statement. Pair it with a jean or bomber jacket for a night out and rock that edgy vibe like never before.

16. Smoky Blonde Wavy Crop. Get ready to turn heads with this breathtaking smoky blonde style. The combination of dark roots, an off-center part, and waves with razored ends gives this look a red carpet-worthy appeal, perfect for capturing your next Insta-shot.

17. Mid Brunette Shaggy Cut with Bangs. Embrace a low-maintenance and flattering hairstyle for round faces with layered shoulder-length hair. Opt for an edgy shag cut to add a touch of flair. This style not only enhances the beauty of your eyes but also frames your round face perfectly with its bangs.

18. Shoulder-Length Bob for Curly Hair. Medium length curly hairstyles may seem risky for round faces, but this particular style is a perfect match. The deep side part combined with voluminous curls above the forehead creates a balanced and flattering look for women with round faces.

19. Sensational Shaggy Style. Are you searching for a haircut with bangs and layers? Look no further than this adorable shag hairstyle that is just perfect for you. The peek-a-boo bangs and choppy ends add a lively touch to what would otherwise be a plain haircut.

20. Layered Tight Coils. One effective way to create the illusion of thicker hair, even if you have thin hair, is by getting a perm. Opt for tight all-over curls with bangs to beautifully frame your round face and add dimension to your hairstyle.

21. Short Shaggy Style for Thin Hair. If you’re feeling unsure about how to style your thin hair, consider discussing with your stylist the option of getting baby bangs and experimenting with a fun faded color like this lovely baby pink.

22. Chic and Edgy Bronde Lob with Asymmetrical Layers. Here’s a fantastic option for layered shoulder-length hair: an asymmetrical lob that allows for an uneven parting, creating volume and texture. This stunning bronde hairstyle features gorgeous golden waves and luxurious layers, delivering a truly impactful look.

23. Curly Layered Hairdo with Bangs. For those who prefer to have thinner hair towards the bottom of their style, consider trying this layered cut. It strategically keeps the thickest portion of the hair around the crown area and in full bangs, creating a balanced and flattering look.

24. Middle-Parted Balayage Lob. When it comes to adding some excitement to your medium wavy hair, the famous balayage coloring technique is the way to go. It’s your best bet for jazzing up any style you’re currently rocking and adding a touch of flair to your locks.

25. Blunt Haircut with Bangs. With bangs that elegantly meet the eyebrows, this medium blunt haircut flawlessly frames the face. Reminiscent of Cleopatra’s iconic style, this haircut exudes confidence and showcases your fearless nature to the world.

26. Feminine Lob for Thin Hair. If you have long, thin hair, consider opting for a shoulder-length cut to enhance its appearance. Adding waves with a curling iron or curl creme can provide texture and body to your locks. For round faces, both an off-center part and a side part can be equally flattering options to complement your features.

27. Shoulder-Length Hairstyle with Glasses. Don’t believe that medium straight hairstyles can be paired with glasses? Think again! This caramel blonde shoulder-length bob effortlessly proves that notion wrong. It’s a fantastic choice for embracing both style and eyewear.

28. Choppy Blonde Medium Cut. Transform your long, straight, and monotonous locks into a captivating and cute medium haircut! By incorporating shadow roots, tousled waves, and choppy ends, you can create a remarkable and refreshing look that sets you apart.

29. Bountiful Curls. When you find yourself feeling uninspired with your straight hair, why not break free from the norm and embrace a fun and playful look with curls? Let your creativity shine and experiment with different curling techniques to add a touch of excitement to your style.

30. Smooth Polished Waves on Medium Hair. For your next night out or special event, elevate your look with a beautiful and classy hairstyle. Start by parting your hair just above the eyebrow to create a sophisticated and flattering effect. Then, put the spotlight on big midshaft waves to add volume and glamour to your style.

31. Voluminous Blonde Waves. Don’t let the misconception that round faces can’t rock voluminous hairstyles hold you back. Incorporate long face-framing layers into your haircut to add dimension and create a slimming effect. Embrace a playful and messy texture to add movement and interest to your style.

32. Balayaged Waves . For women with round faces, an edgy haircut that falls past the shoulders can be a fantastic choice. The side part creates asymmetry, which can visually elongate the face, while the elongating lines around the face further enhance this effect.

33. Long Choppy Haircut. Infusing some color into your hair adds an extra element of interest and visual appeal. Additionally, incorporating easy, tousled waves can further enhance the movement and texture of your hair.

34. Blonde Shaggy Lob Cut. Everyday wear is made effortless with the trendy combination of choppy ends and disconnected messy waves in lob haircuts for round faces. This popular hairstyle choice brings an easy and cute vibe to your overall look.

35. Medium Shag and Straight Bangs Duo. No hairstyle is too edgy for a round face! To add versatility to the cut, opt for longer bangs that can be styled in various ways, offering different looks for different occasions.

36. Balayage for Added Dimension. If you’re unsure about how to manage your thick hair, consider a combination of layers, waves, and balayage highlights to achieve a stylish and manageable look.

37. Thin Hair with Arched Bangs. A shag haircut with bangs is a fantastic choice for women with thin hair. The addition of blonde waves provides the desired volume in all the right places.

38. Curls for Medium Hair. If you have medium length curly hair, you can easily manage it by applying a curl creme. Embrace the natural beauty of your curls, as they create a lovely frame for your round face.

39. Razored Shag. This season, the trend of layer-heavy medium to short shag hairstyles is on the rise, and it suits all face shapes, particularly round faces. If you have thin hair, opting for this hairstyle with razor cut ends is worth considering.

40. Straight Lob Style. Soft and feminine, wispy bangs complement medium straight hairstyles. Adding curled ends to this lob creates effortless movement, making it a simple yet effective technique.

You won’t want to miss out on these fabulous medium haircuts for round faces. Take a moment to think about your hair texture and find the perfect low-maintenance cut that will beautifully complement your features.

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