Purple nail designs are a perfect way to add a pop of color to your everyday outfits. Whether you’re going for a bold look or a more subdued style, there’s a shade of purple that will complement your wardrobe. In this article, we’ve gathered 25 of our favorite purple nail ideas that will go with every outfit. Get ready to be inspired!

25 Best Purple Nail Ideas to Try

From glittery lavender to deep plum, there are endless possibilities for cute purple nail designs. What are you in the mood for today? Adorable polka dots? Edgy black and purple ombre? Or elegant violet nail designs? There is a design of purple nails to suit every mood and occasion.

1. Gradient Purple Nails Design. Dreamy and stunning, gradient designs on purple nails are an excellent choice for any occasion. The technique involves blending two colors, one lighter and the other darker, to create a fashionable look and showcase multiple colors.

You can opt for a subtle approach by using light purple and nude polishes, or blend two complementary purple shades to enhance your manicure. With numerous color combinations to choose from, you can select the one that reflects your unique style.

2. Sparkling Purple Nails Idea. Glittery accents are a fun way to add some sparkles to your nail designs in purple. The nails in this manicure are painted a delicate light purple hue, with two accent nails that sparkle in a purple shade. We love the appealing combination of colors that softens the long square nail design. You can easily recreate this look using any shade of purple.

3. Lavender Floral Inspiration. Incorporating floral patterns is a popular way to wear purple nails, as there are numerous options to choose from. Flowers are universally loved, and they add a feminine touch to any nail art, making it appear cute. The combination of lavender flowers and pastel purple almond nails is enchanting, making it a perfect pick for those in touch with their feminine side.

4. Striped Nails Design. Looking for perfect spooky yet cute purple nail ideas fit for Halloween? Look no further than characterful purple and black nail designs! The hand-painted black stripes and enigmatic eyes set the tone for this striking manicure, while the striped tips on accent nails lighten up the design.

With a glossy top coat that shields the nail art, your spooky mani will last you longer than you can go through all your holiday treats. Or tricks!

5. Purple Glitter Nails Designs. In for a party or a night out? With their dazzling appearance, these sparkly and bright purple nails are perfect for partying. Purple gel nail designs will let you showcase various shades of purple sparkles, making them an adorable and playful way to express your fun personality. Pair them with a simpler outfit to let the nails take the spotlight.

6. Violet with White Polka Dots. Want to create original winter nails that are sure to turn heads? Swap tried and tired blue tones for a trendy purple shade! This adorable manicure is proof that purple and white nail designs can get you in the winter mood just right.

Use a dotting tool to create cute polka dots on the nails, then pick a winter motif on a stamping plate and transfer the image to the accent nail. Who’s in for a snowball fight in style?

7. Light Purple Nail Designs. Purple is a bold color that attracts attention, evoking feelings of royalty and power. But if you prefer a more subdued look, choose light purple nail designs. This muted tone is less intense and more comfortable to wear, making it a lovely and feminine option. You may choose to keep it simple by using a single shade of polish, or have some fun and add a floral design on a ring finger.

8. Dark Purple Nail Designs. If there is one color that can make your nails look luxurious, it’s royal purple! Dark purple nail designs are ideal for those who desire to stand out from the crowd. They are less intense than black polish but still possess richness that draws attention to your hands. Dark purple nail designs look awesome on short squoval nails, giving off vamp vibes!

9. Pastel Lavender Mani for a Spring Mood. Looking for the ultimate spring mani? Experiment with a mix of pastel ideas for purple nails! It’s a classic choice that is always there for you when the spring hits. Swipe a pastel lavender polish on your nails for a fresh and crispy look. Add a tender touch to mid-length square nails with gentle waves that envelop your nails in lavender, cream, and mint.

10. Purple and Silver Nails. To achieve a futuristic vibe in your manicure, consider combining purple and silver nail designs. With a metallic finish that adds cosmic shimmer to your nails, purple and silver nails have a space-inspired appearance.

It’s a subtle and easy-to-wear look that can be easily worn both for a casual day out or for a fancy dinner. Just opt for a soft purple hue for a more subdued look or a brighter one for a bold statement.

11. Purple and Gold Nail Designs. Pairing purple and gold nail designs creates a regal look that enhances the nails. Girls who love gold will appreciate the way it pairs with feminine shades like lilac, lavender, or violet for a stunning look.

There are many ways to create purple nail designs with a touch of gold. These dark purple almond nails employ a combo of gold-lined french tips and smudges of gold over the purple base.

12. Dusty Purple Manicure with Dip Powder. Add some sparkle and shine to your purple coffin nail designs by incorporating glitter and unusual ‘dragon scales’ rhinestones. Ask your nail technician for a dusty purple dip powder base to make the diamonds and sparkly accents stand out even more. With this subtle yet glam mani, you are sure to be a star of a glitzy party or special celebration.

13. Pink and Purple Nail Designs. Pink and purple nail designs make for an effortless and attractive combination, regardless of nail length or shape. While pink nail designs are a tried and true option, they can become repetitive. Pairing it with purple gives it a fresh and modern twist. The colors complement each other nicely and produce a gentle and feminine look.

14. Purple Acrylic Nail Ideas. If you’re having a tough time choosing between purple acrylic nail ideas, why not have a potpourri of purple nail designs? Like these smashing acrylic nails that feature a combination of swirls, floral motifs, glitter, and rhinestones, offering everything a woman could desire. Combine these different styles with a confident coffin shape, and you’ll have an adorable manicure that is sure to impress.

15. Matte Violet Almond Nails. Heading to the salon for your next appointment? You might want to consider matte purple almond nails. Purple is certainly an attention-grabbing color, but the matte look creates a more subdued aesthetic, making it easier to wear. It also serves as an excellent canvas for artistic decals or freehand painting to make your nail look truly unique.

16. Bright Purple Nails with Gemstone. Getting ready for your big day and planning a white and purple wedding reception theme? This delicate yet distinctive manicure will definitely become the highlight of the day! Bright purple nails are carefully balanced with square white french tips and gleaming nail diamonds. Keep your nails medium length and make sure they are perfectly shaped for an immaculate nail look.

17. Lavender Gemstone Manicure. Not sure if short purple nail designs can be glam? We’ve got plentiful evidence they totally can! These closely-cropped oval nails in a vivid lavender shade boast a shining glossy top coat, chunky glitter accent nail, and a dainty crystal arrangement at the nail lunula.

This manicure is drop-dead gorgeous, easy to keep, and effortlessly matches your outfits. All we could ask for!

18. Ombre Violet Nail Designs. If you share our passion for precious stones, you will definitely admire this amethyst-inspired manicure! Built on a milky pink gel base, this ravishing design features three shades of purple that seamlessly blend into a beautiful gradient. Take purple acrylic nail ideas one step further and adorn the accent nail with a custom selection of rhinestones.

19. Purple Coffin Nail Designs. Light purple nail designs featuring floral patterns have been trendy for quite some time and are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. If ideas of painting or stamping flowers on your nails don’t appeal to you, try inlay flowers on translucent gel nails for an unforgettable effect. They are ideal for adding some pizzazz to your appearance, whether at a party or just for casual wear.

20. Purple Swirl on Long Nails. We absolutely adore the meditative nature of purple swirl nails! Combining the color that is commonly associated with the spiritual chakra and swirly nail designs is one of the most ingenious ideas for purple nails indeed! The two-toned purple waves are highlighted with a solid white color on a pinkish-nude base, creating a mesmerizing effect.

21. Purple and Black Nail Designs. Looking for purple nail ideas that verge on mystery, imagination, and sophistication? Black and purple work well in numerous styles, evoking feelings of power and luxury. The pairing also brings to mind the beauty of the night sky and nature.

22. Purple and White Nail Designs. Lighten up your purple short nails with a dash of white. It’s a simple and fun way to wear purple in the heat of the summer. With this cheerful half-and-half pattern, even darker shades of purple will look lightweight and fresh. Grab your cocktail and lounge in the sun in style!

23. Nail Designs with Purple Flowers. Roses are red, violets are blue, these nails are sweet and so are you! These ravishing nails are reminiscent of sugared violets on the sweetest, most scrumptious dessert.

To recreate this design, opt for a neutral base and use a thin paintbrush to paint delicate violets on your nails. The key to success is plopping some white to add dimension to the tender purple petals. Add some green leaves and finish with a glossy top coat to seal your nail art.

24. Cute Purple Nail for Teen Girls. Trying to find a cute and fun idea for your next manicure? Pink and purple nail designs offer a bounty of adorable concepts. These nails have been coated with a soft pearly white polish, while for the accent nails, the nail artist has utilized a royal purple shade and added a few flowers and a pink french tip. This is a charming and distinctive style that is perfect to sport during the spring season.

25. Purple Nail Designs for Short Nails. Extremely multifaceted, purple makes a great choice for pairing with any floral design. These pale purple, tender lilac, and violet shades match perfectly with the petite flowers on the accent nails. These short almond nails are sweet, chic, and wearable, making them a great option for an everyday manicure.

Final Thoughts

Purple nail designs are a versatile and fun way to elevate your style. With so many shades and designs to choose from, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Whether you prefer a classic French tip or a bold geometric pattern, there’s a design of purple nails that will suit your taste. So, get creative and try out some of these cute purple nail ideas to add a touch of whimsy to your next manicure.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several nail colors that complement purple, including white, silver, gold, yellow, pink, and blue. Neutral colors such as beige or black can also pair well with purple nails.

Yes, purple nails have been a popular trend in recent years. With a range of shades and designs available, purple design nails can be a stylish and unique way to express your individuality.

Purple is a versatile color that can complement many other colors. It pairs well with neutrals such as white, black, and gray, as well as bold colors like pink, green, yellow and blue.

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