Do you have a tattoo from the past that you now regret? Or perhaps you’re simply tired of a previous tattoo design? We have compiled a collection of the top 50 tattoo cover up ideas to demonstrate how they can effectively conceal tattoos of various sizes and placements. This selection will assist you in picking the most suitable cover up tattoo design. Take a look below to see the undeniable proof that what may have seemed awkward “before” can be transformed into a stunning “after”!

1. Astrological Pisces Cover Up Tattoo. With the assistance of a skilled team of artists, a cover up tattoo allows you the freedom to choose any design you desire. This fish design, incorporating darker tones and drawing inspiration from horoscopes, is particularly impressive in concealing the original tattoo. Cover up tattoos with astrological symbolism continue to be a highly sought-after choice.

2. Vibrant Butterfly Tattoo Cover Up. Butterfly tattoos symbolize transformation, liberation, and vitality, making them an ideal choice for a significant cover up. This particular design combines blue and pink pigments to fully conceal the original tattoo, making it a noteworthy inspiration for those who appreciate vibrant bursts of color.

3. Pup-Perfect Cover Up Tattoo Dogs hold the title of being man’s loyal companions both in reality and as cover-up tattoos. This particular dog portrait conceals an existing tattoo using meticulous shading techniques and achieves a lifelike appearance. To add an extra layer of significance, consider selecting a photograph of your own beloved pet. For a polished and exceptional outcome, it is highly recommended to collaborate with a proficient tattoo artist.

4. Berry Mix Cover Up Tattoo. If you’re looking to replace a forearm tattoo, consider drawing inspiration from this creative fruit and berry design. By skillfully incorporating dark shading and strategic placement, the tattoo artist effectively conceals the original design. Don’t forget to save fruit-inspired cover-up tattoos to your Pinterest board for future reference!

5. Small Tattoo Cover Up. While many cover-up ideas revolve around concealing large tattoos, it’s important to remember that even small tattoos can be effectively covered, resulting in an impressive transformation. Take, for instance, this intricate deer head design, which expertly masks the old tattoo through the use of skillful shading and dark ink.

6. Detailed Flowers Inspo. Floral designs have always remained a sought-after choice for tattoos, particularly when it comes to covering up a faded or unwanted tattoo. In this particular example, the tattoo artist skillfully conceals the original back tattoo by using soft pink shading and strategically placing the floral elements along the spine.

7. Traditional American Cover Tattoos. Attention to all traditional tattoo enthusiasts! This cover-up tattoo embraces the use of black ink and vibrant shading to flawlessly conceal the previous ink. It appears that the original tattoo underwent some laser removal treatment to lighten its appearance, which is an important factor to consider when deciding on your cover-up tattoos.

8. Multiple Tattoo Cover Up Ideas. If you have several tattoos that you wish to conceal, these cover-up examples can provide you with placement ideas. In this particular case, the artist skillfully incorporates a single new tattoo design to effectively conceal two smaller existing tattoos. It’s worth noting that the best tattoo cover-ups have the ability to hide more than one undesirable design, showcasing the creativity and expertise of the tattoo artist.

9. Realistic Fruit Cover Up Design. If you find yourself captivated by the realism tattoo trend, a tattoo cover-up can serve as the perfect opportunity to embrace this form of body art. This striking design, resembling vibrant oranges, showcases the artist’s meticulous attention to detail and generous use of pigmentation, resulting in a lifelike representation.

10. Black Ink Astronaut Cover Up Design. Astronauts are often associated with their iconic white suits, but this tattoo highlights the allure of using darker shading. The original tattoo, featuring a faded bird design, required the use of dark ink to maintain consistency with the original artwork.

11. Sea-Themed Tattoo Cover Up. If you appreciate the essence of your current tattoo but desire an enhanced aesthetic, opting for a cover-up and redesign can be a great solution. In this particular case, the artist elevates the original design of a delicate collarbone tattoo by incorporating additional intricate details. The result is a more intricate and visually striking composition. When choosing cover-up tattoos, it is essential to ensure that they surpass the original design, offering an improved and elevated appearance.

12. Abstract Art Cover Up Tattoo. A cover-up tattoo doesn’t necessarily need to resemble a realistic shape. Instead, it presents an opportunity to conceal an unwanted tattoo with a distinctive piece of artwork. In this particular design, a realistic face is intentionally distorted, resulting in a completely transformed appearance. The original tattoo becomes unrecognizable, showcasing the creative possibilities of cover-up tattoos.

13. Linear Cover Up Tattoo Ideas. If you’re looking to conceal an old linear tattoo, there’s no need to alter the shape entirely. Instead, you can opt for a cover-up that incorporates a new tattoo concept while still accommodating the existing lines. Take inspiration from this autumn-themed design, which effectively masks the original shape while embracing the beauty of the season.

14. Flower Bouquet Tattoo Cover Up. Indulge in a delightful bouquet of flowers with this captivating cover-up tattoo design. The skilled artist has employed softer hues and skillful shading techniques to cleverly conceal the unsightly original tattoo, resulting in a stunning transformation.

15. Hand Cover Up Design. Covering up a hand tattoo can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the expertise of skilled artists, the process can be seamless and stress-free. In fact, they can even integrate the original tattoo into a larger sleeve design. Take inspiration from this artist who skillfully incorporates a detailed tiger cover-up to conceal the faded design.

16. Tiny Tattoo Cover Up. Covering up small tattoos doesn’t always require replacing them with large cover-ups. As demonstrated by this behind-the-ear example, you can revitalize a feather tattoo without altering its design. The key is to enhance and refresh the existing tattoo, resulting in a delicate and charming outcome. Embrace the possibility of breathing new life into your small tattoo with subtle yet impactful modifications.

17. Upper Arm Cover Up Design. The upper arm serves as an ideal location for tattoos, but when the previous tattoo no longer resonates with you, it’s time for a transformation. This impressive tattoo cover-up effectively conceals the old football club logo by replacing it with a black ink deer design.

18. Linework Cover Up Tattoo. Covering up linework tattoos can present challenges, but this artist demonstrates that it’s still possible to opt for a design with thin lines. The clever use of negative space on this wrist tattoo is truly visually stunning!

19. Cover Up Tattoo with Colorful Ink Only. Embracing vibrant colors can result in an incredible tattoo cover up, as demonstrated by this talented artist. They skillfully incorporate a variety of colorful hues and bold lines to create a stunning cover up for a small tattoo.

20. Feminine Upper Arm Tattoo Cover Up. Transforming your existing tattoo with a feminine design that aligns with your evolving style is a great way to achieve a successful cover up. Name tattoos are often candidates for cover ups, and this particular example showcases how you can effortlessly replace old writing with a fresh piece of artwork.

21. Black Ink Sunflower Cover Up. Cover up tattoo ideas not only serve to conceal old tattoos but also provide a wonderful solution for scars and birthmarks. While we embrace the beauty of scars as a natural part of life, opting for a new image can offer a sense of liberation as well. In this case, the sunflower design not only effectively covers the underlying black tattoo but also symbolizes positivity.

22. Watercolor Feather Cover Up Design. When concealing a dark tattoo design, it is necessary to incorporate darker shades, unless the tattoo has significantly faded. Nevertheless, this does not imply that color cannot be included at all. This feather design serves as evidence that a combination of light and dark ink can be employed to achieve a compelling outcome.

23. Grayscale Sleeve Tattoo Cover. Laser treatment is not the sole approach for concealing an outdated tattoo. An alternative option is to cover the original tattoo with a half or full sleeve tattoo. In this case, the artist utilizes a substantial tattoo to envelop the client’s forearm, resulting in a unified sleeve appearance. The outcome is remarkably refined and exudes a sense of masculinity.

24. Space-Inspired Cover Up Tattoo. Are you captivated by the mystique of the moon and the vastness of space? This extraordinary tattoo design combines intricate ink art with geometric shapes to produce a contemporary and celestial motif. The new tattoo masterfully conceals the existing one, while additional illustrations are incorporated to enhance the level of intricacy and detail.

25. Realistic Sleeve Cover Up Tattoo. No matter the reason for seeking a cover-up for an unwanted tattoo, there is undoubtedly an artist out there who can skillfully transform your body art. This fresh tattoo seamlessly integrates into a larger sleeve composition, harmoniously blending with the surrounding artwork. If this style resonates with you, consider exploring additional portrait cover-up tattoos before scheduling your appointment.

26. Rose Cover Up Ideas. Finding the right tattoo design can be challenging, but you can never go wrong with a classic rose tattoo. It’s a stunning choice, particularly for tattoos placed on or near the breasts. When consulting with your tattoo artist, consider requesting the addition of vibrant green leaves to enhance the realism and overall appeal of the design.

27. Moth Tattoo Cover Up on Forearm. Moths possess a unique beauty comparable to butterflies, as demonstrated by this remarkable tattoo cover up. The design is executed so flawlessly that the original curvy line writing underneath is completely concealed, leaving no trace behind.

28. Collarbone Cover Up Tattoo. Tattoo cover-ups are not limited to arms alone; talented tattoo artists can effectively conceal undesirable tattoos on any part of your body. In this particular example, a faded tattoo is skillfully masked with a bold and masculine deconstructed scythe design, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts of the horror genre.

29. Floral Shoulder Tattoo Cover Up. Enhance the appeal of your shoulder region by replacing worn-out tattoo designs with a substantial cover-up. This skilled artist employs abundant black ink to ensure the complete concealment of the original design. If you prefer cover-up tattoo concepts that aren’t excessively dark, consider exploring alternatives with vibrant shading for a lighter outcome.

30. Angel Wing Cover Up Design. Angel wings serve as excellent concepts for covering up tattoos and can effectively camouflage a name tattoo or a cartoon. This approach allows you to avoid the discomfort of tattoo removal while leaving the studio with a visually pleasing design, such as the black and white ink rendition showcased below.

31. Improved Cover Up Tattoo. For those who prefer to retain the essence of their existing tattoo, a cover-up can be designed to replicate the original artwork. In this instance, the client opted to enhance their floral tattoo by incorporating additional intricate line work, more blossoms, and vibrant hues, resulting in a stunning transformation.

32. Blue and Purple Flower Cover Up. Covering up a tattoo often requires extensive shading and the use of dark ink to effectively conceal the original design. In this particular cover-up, rich blue and purple shades are employed to effectively obscure the initial dark lines, ensuring that your previous tattoo remains a well-kept secret. While a wide range of colors can be utilized to camouflage dark ink, opting for pastel ink may require prior tattoo removal.

33. Intricate Dragon Back Cover Up. Inntroduce a touch of magic to your skin with a meticulously intricate dragon cover-up tattoo. In this instance, vibrant floral patches are employed to conceal the original tattoo, while the ink used for the dragon design is noticeably lighter. The combination of these two distinct styles generates a captivating contrast, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an attention-grabbing design.

34. Mandala-Inspired Tattoo Cover Up. As tattoos age, they may fade or blur, prompting the need for a cover-up. In this case, the artist skillfully concealed an old heartbeat design with an intricately detailed Mandala-inspired pattern. You’d never be able to tell that there was a tattoo hidden beneath!

35. Petite Wrist Cover Up Tattoo. It’s not often that you come across a cover up tattoo that incorporates intentional blank spaces, but skilled artists can make it happen! This wrist tattoo effectively conceals the small original tattoo by incorporating the bird’s tail feathers. The design predominantly features delicate line work and strategically placed negative space, resulting in an impressive final outcome.

36. Nature-Inspired Cover Up Tattoo. Express your passion for hiking and nature through a well-planned cover up tattoo featuring a scenic tree line. This thoughtfully designed tattoo effectively conceals the previous tattoo by skillfully incorporating dark pine trees, ensuring that it remains hidden from view forever.

37. Stunning Pink Blossom Foot & Leg Tattoos. Legs can also be transformed with impressive cover up tattoos, as showcased by this remarkable example. The intricate design skillfully embraces the ankle and foot, effectively concealing the original tattoo. Delicate touches of pink add a perfect balance to the darker areas, ensuring that the overall design remains light and avoids appearing too solid or heavy.

38. Realistic Warrior Cover Up Design. If you’re hesitant about tattoo removal, there’s an alternative solution to conceal your undesirable tattoo by opting for a fierce warrior design. In this particular example, the skilled artist combines bold shades of blue and gray to effectively mask the initial tattoo. The minimal color palette not only accentuates the meticulous details but also ensures that the artwork grabs the attention of your friends as a captivating piece.

39. Gorilla Tattoo Cover Up. Typically, a tattoo cover-up requires a darker shade than the original design. In cases where the initial tattoo is vibrant and colorful, opting for black ink tattoos becomes essential. Take inspiration from this remarkable gorilla leg design, where an abundance of dark ink is employed, complemented by subtle touches of gray and red to introduce lighter details.

40. Chinese Character Tattoo Cover Up. If you find yourself regretting a tattoo with a foreign language that you can’t understand or relate to, a floral cover-up can provide a simple solution. While foreign language tattoos can be aesthetically pleasing, if you’re seeking a change, a row of pink, purple, and blue flowers serves as an ideal cover-up option.

41. Lion Chest Tattoo Cover Up. Lion and tiger chest tattoos are widely favored due to their popularity and significance. If you’re looking to conceal an old or faded chest artwork, this smart tattoo cover design offers a great solution. You can even incorporate color to enhance the level of detail and visual appeal.

42. Half Mandala Cover Up Tattoo. Occasionally, drawing inspiration from the natural features of your body can lead to creative tattoo cover up ideas. This particular design takes cues from the linear wrist line, resulting in a captivating geometric effect. Moreover, it serves as an excellent foundation if you envision a complete sleeve tattoo in the future.

43. White Ink Cover Up Tattoo Ideas. Utilizing sections of white ink in cover up tattoos can be an effective technique for incorporating highlights into the design. In this example of a tattoo cover up, dark floral shapes are strategically employed to conceal the initial tattoo. The addition of white ink as a final touch creates contrast, lending vibrancy and depth to the entire cover up image.

44. Sleeve Owl Cover Up Tattoo. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve already started a sleeve and desire a change, covering up the entire sleeve can be a viable solution. Embracing large cover up tattoo ideas allows you to start afresh, just like this meticulously intricate owl design. With its dramatic and dark aesthetic, this cover up tattoo is poised to captivate and impress anyone who sets eyes on it.

45. Blue Rose Cover Up Design. The concept of traditional white and red roses takes a backseat with this blue rose tattoo cover up. It defies expectations by showcasing the exquisite allure of blue roses, which are undoubtedly the epitome of beauty. This stunning design seamlessly conceals and replaces dark text, serving as a testament to the fact that lighter inks can be equally remarkable when it comes to cover up tattoo ideas.

46. Compass and Bird Tattoo Cover Up. The finest tattoo cover ups exude the appearance of brand new designs, and that’s precisely what this bird and compass design achieves. With masterful placement and skillful shading, the hidden presence of an unsightly name design is seamlessly concealed beneath this cover up tattoo, leaving no trace of its existence.

47. Crescent Moon Tattoo Revive. As much as we appreciate tattoo cover up ideas, it’s equally delightful to witness the rejuvenation of old tattoos. In this instance, the worn-out moon tattoo has been revitalized with vibrant ink, expanded floral elements, and an overall transformation that breathes new life into the design.

48. Color Matching Cover Up Ideas. Matching the color of the new tattoo cover up idea to the old tattoo can make the process of concealing the previous design much simpler. In this case, the talented artist has incorporated the vibrant sky blue hue from the initial design into the cover up butterfly wings. This approach not only effectively hides the old tattoo but also serves as a beautiful tribute to the original artwork.

49. Silhouette Tattoo Cover Up. This talented tattoo artist demonstrates that no design is too bold or dark to be covered up. In this example, the initial silhouette design is expertly replaced with an intricate portrait tattoo, showcasing the artist’s skill and creativity. If you’re seeking unique and personalized tattoo cover up ideas, don’t hesitate to share this inspiration with your own tattoo artist.

50. Starry Night Sky Tattoo Cover Up. You can find inspiration for cover up tattoos in various sources, including the breathtaking night sky. In this particular design, the cover up tattoo adopts a structured “box style” approach, characterized by well-defined borders and a rectangular shape.

No matter your motivation, choosing a cover up tattoo is an exhilarating choice. Whether you prefer delicate butterfly designs or daring and intense dark patterns, there is a wide range of cover up options to suit all styles!

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