Trying out different graphic eyeliner styles is an excellent way to add variety to your everyday makeup routine. With vibrant shades, distinctive designs, and limitless possibilities, graphic eyeliner has become a popular trend to explore in 2023.

If you’re unsure how to begin, you can find inspiration from the images showcasing the latest graphic eyeliner trends below!

1. Graphic Eyeliner with a Pop of Yellow. While yellow eyeshadow may initially seem unconventional, this trend-setting style defies any doubts. Achieved by lightly applying a dusting of yellow shadow in the inner corner of the eye and a sleek winged cat eye, this makeup design is understated yet captivating. It’s time for beige to step aside because yellow is here to make its mark.

2. Full-On Glam with Sparkles. For those who embrace the allure of glamour, make sure to include this makeup look in your repertoire. This striking graphic eyeliner style combines bold black winged liner with shimmering silver gems and shadow along the lower lash line, making it a must-have for any festive occasion.

3. Teal Graphic Liner on the Lid. If you lean towards eyeliner rather than eyeshadow, this teal eyeliner look might become your new favorite. Begin by creating a classic winged style, extending the line across your eyelid until it meets the inner corner of your eye. This design incorporates negative space, allowing you to elevate the look by adding another vibrant color or opting for a neon liner.

4. Bejeweled Pearl Graphic Eyeliner. Pearls have recently emerged as a significant beauty trend, and this eye makeup look inspired by pearls is truly captivating. Featuring shimmery eyeshadow, bold black eyeliner, and three-dimensional pearls, this memorable style is sure to leave a lasting impression. Don’t forget to add a touch of glitter to your lower lash line as well!

5. Classic Blue Eyeshadow Style. Blue eyeshadow has remained a beloved choice in the beauty industry for many years. However, this graphic eyeliner design adds a contemporary touch to the classic style. In this look, a blue liquid eyeliner is combined with baby blue eyeshadow, creating a captivating multidimensional effect. Just remember to maintain a steady hand when creating the precise lines!

6. Neutral Colored Graphic Eyeliner. Graphic eyeliner often incorporates vibrant hues and geometric patterns. Yet, you don’t necessarily need to choose extremely bold shades. This neutral eyeliner style is achieved using a light brown pen, resulting in a more understated and minimalistic effect. It’s perfect for those who prefer a floating line without excessive sparkle.

7. Classic Cat Eye Liner. There’s no denying that the cat eye liner is a timeless classic. This makeup look achieves precise lines using a black liquid liner along both the upper and lower lash lines. The fully lined effect accentuates your eyes, creating a sultry outcome. It’s the perfect choice for a romantic evening out!

8. Half-Block Cat Eye Look. Interested in experimenting with a contemporary twist on the cat eye? This graphic eyeliner design transforms the classic sleek wing into a triangular block shape, creating negative space across the eyelid. It’s a fantastic way to accentuate your eyes, and the overall look exudes sophistication, especially when paired with a neutral lip color.

9. Tonal Graphic Eyeliner. Can’t decide on just one liner shade? Embrace them all! Apply sleek lines in various shades of a single color from opposite ends of your lid to achieve this daring look. To further accentuate your eyes, add a lighter tone in the center, drawing attention to your lids. This technique is a favorite among makeup artists.

10. Neon Dreams Graphic Liner. Enhance your self-assurance with vibrant graphic liner shades and bold eyeshadow. This trend combines diverse colors of liquid eyeliner on the outer corner and beneath the eyes. Complete the look with a subtle flick for an abstract winged eyeliner effect. For added drama, consider applying dramatic lashes. Take your time to experiment and discover what suits your unique features.

11. High Fashion Graphic Liner. Makeup allows for both intricate and effortless styles, depending on your preference. If you’re up for a challenge, give this daring black liner look a try. Create a cat eye shape on your eyelid, but intentionally omit sections and incorporate additional sharp lines above and below. While this style may require some artistic skill, with practice and dedication, anyone can master it!

12. Basic White Graphic Liner. If you’re not a fan of colorful rainbow looks, white graphic eyeliner is here to be your new best friend. Achieve this two-line design using either a liquid eyeliner or an angled liner brush. Just remember to have some micellar water nearby in case you need to correct any mistakes with the winged lines!

13. Black Cat Eye Liner with a Dash of Glitter. Why limit yourself to filling a wing with a single color when you can incorporate sparkles? This eye makeup look utilizes the empty space on the lid and corners of the eye to create a captivating ‘cut out’ effect adorned with shimmering sparkles. It’s the perfect choice for those who is crazy about glitter or silver shadow.

14. Uber Minimal Eyeliner in the Crease. A graphic liner offers endless possibilities for creativity across the entire eyelid, but there’s something undeniably impressive about a simple line tracing the crease. This versatile style can be effortlessly pulled off by anyone, and it pairs exceptionally well with full lashes and a subtle line along the lash line for added definition.

15. Vibrant Sunset Eyeshadow. Achieving a striking eye makeup look is a breeze with vibrant shades, and this bold orange eyeshadow truly steals the show. To enhance the impact, complement it with an electric blue winged eyeliner created with a pencil for a captivating contrast that is truly unstoppable.

16. Sharp Wing Tips. Get ready with your concealer as this makeup look focuses on applying a neutral base to the eyelid and allowing the eyeliner to take center stage. Instead of incorporating eyeshadow or color, use a liner brush to create a precise and sharp wing tip. This style is ideal for those who love to explore and experiment, as the graphic eyeliner realm always welcomes new techniques and tricks.

17. Blue Liner Flames. Embrace the popular trend of baby blue this year, particularly when it comes to highlighting your outer corner in eye makeup. Create a striking effect by drawing flame-like shapes that extend outward from your inner corners.

18. Green Eyeliner with Neon Dots. Contrary to the belief that graphic eyeliner looks are solely focused on crease lines and geometric shapes, these vibrant dots defy that notion. Enhance your classic liner shapes by incorporating small dots for a playful and whimsical touch. This unexpected detail adds a fun and quirky element to your overall makeup look.

19. Gold Eyeshadow with Defined Wings. This makeup is centered around achieving a dramatic effect through the use of eyeliner and a bold application of golden eyeshadow. To master this look, make sure to generously apply shimmering gold eyeshadow onto your eyelids. Then, with precision, trace the crease of your eye using a black or gray pencil, starting from the inner corner, to create a delicate frame.

20. Romantic Red Liner Look. Achieve a quick and stunning makeup look for a date night with this red liner style. Utilize a red liquid eyeliner or pencil to outline your inner corner and skillfully extend it into a wing at the outer edge of your eye. To add a playful touch, position a charming heart near the bridge of your nose, completing the design. No need to fret about your Valentine’s Day makeup ever again!

21. Butterfly Eyeliner Makeup. If you prefer a more elaborate graphic liner look, this design might be more appealing to you. Using a pencil or liner brush, carefully craft a butterfly wing shape, taking your time for precision. Enhance the overall effect by applying a blush-toned shadow to your crease, creating a warm and soft appearance. For additional detail, incorporate extra dots into the design.

This girly style has gained popularity among makeup artists worldwide. Check out the tutorial in the source link for a step-by-step guide, but keep in mind that this design requires a steady hand.

22. Yellow Crease Eyeliner. For those who have prior experience with graphic eyeliner, this crease line design is worth a try. Begin by applying a classic smokey eye makeup as the base color. Next, use a neon yellow pencil or liner to outline your lid, adding a striking and distinctive element to the look. The result is a bold and impactful design that is sure to make a statement.

Ready to give the graphic eyeliner trend a go? Whether you’re seeking something fresh or aiming to make a dazzling impression at a party, mastering this new technique is a must. The process of experimenting with it is incredibly enjoyable and opens up a world of possibilities for creative expression.

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