Multiple piercings are everywhere these days! The thing is, we always catch a terrific buzz from getting our bodies upgraded. And for that matter, getting your ears pierced will never lose its appeal. Getting double piercings is a trendy way to accessorize. With so many options for jewelry and placements, a beautifully curated ear is a snap away!

Is it a good idea to get a second ear piercing?

If you consider getting a double piercing, there are a few things to scrutinize before taking the plunge.

  • Style. Social media is overflowing with visual references of all the possible types of ear piercings with suggestions for a unique piercing placement. How about that double helix piercing? A stacked lobe? Or something more eccentric, like a tragus and daith piercing? It’s always a great idea to collect some references that reflect your vibe so that a professional piercer can suggest where best to place your new piercing.
  • Placement. This is where the size and anatomy of your ear come into play. They will greatly determine where your ears can be best pierced, how much space can be put between the holes, and how many piercings you can get.
  • Time. If you already have your ear pierced, you can decide to get a second piercing. If you are a piercing newbie, you can go two ways. Either get your first piercing, wait till it’s healed (6-8 weeks for ear lobes, 6-12 months for cartilage piercings), and then get the second hole. Or, get them all in one sitting. This way, the second piercing is going to feel a little more intense on a pain scale as the body is still dealing with the pain from the first punch, but the healing process will last the same and you will cut down the time on your aftercare procedures.

No matter where you choose to have your double ear piercing, there are millions of options for ultimate customization. Read on and pin your faves before you book your piercing appointment.

1. Double Lobe Piercing. Ah, a timeless classic! If you don’t know where to start, start with a classic double lobe piercing. It allows for all the different types of earring combinations you can imagine! This one is featuring a beautiful pavé ring with a spike charm. A way to bring an edge to your vibe!

2. Double Snakebite Lobe and Helix Piercing. Snakebite is a new on-trend piercing style where two holes are stacked closely together. They look exceptionally good adorned with petite stud earrings. Customize your look with an earring chain attached to one (or two!) of the studs.

3. Double Ear Piercing with Ear Threader Earring. This beautifully pierced lobe is adorned with a minimalist ear threader earring. The dainty bar flows from the ear lobe, creating a sense of movement. A wonderful piece to wear on your helix too!

4. Second Lobe Piercing with Diamond Stud. When your gold but old huggies get lonely on your lobe, provide them with good company. This piercing combines iconic lightning bolt studs embellished with diamonds and chunky huggie earrings for a unique look.

5. Lobe and Conch Piercing. When your ear lobe doesn’t have a ton of space, climb a little higher up your ear and get an eye-catching outer conch piercing. Together with standard lobe piercings, they will create that attractive ascending effect many people are after.

6. Accumulated Hoop Earrings. Even simple hoops can make a statement when they are assembled in a beautiful compilation in one hole. Support the style with a single piercing on your helix.

7. Double Ear Piercing with Nautical-Themed Jewelry. The best possible way to make your ear look curated is through matching jewelry. Identical materials, colors, finishes, and themes tie the look together. Like this irresistibly cute look that incorporates two types of earrings with little crab ornaments on them. Perfect for the seaside vacation!

8. Daith and Tragus Piercing. Both the daith and tragus are located right near your ear canal, so if you are planning on this particular combination, you might want to do them in two sittings. These two piercings look stunning together in complimenting jewelry pieces in yellow gold with champagne stones.

9. Upper Lobe Piercing. The upper lobe is ideal for small delicate piercings. Depending on the size of your ear, you can get up to five smaller piercings on your lobe. Do you know what’s the best part of it? You can easily customize the look with a mix of studs and dangle earrings.

10. Ear Lobe Snakebites for Men. A daring and distinctive choice of ear piercing! It takes extra care and attention though, as close placement can cause extra swelling and tenderness. Remember to clean your piercings twice a day with saline solution to speed up the healing process.

11. Lobe and Helix Piercing. The lobe and helix combo is a perfect choice if you want to make a statement but love the minimalistic look of jewelry. Step up the decoration game with a sparkly crescent earring and a star stud earring on your helix.

12. Lobe and Daith Double Piercing. Daith piercings are a bold way to style your look. They are a perfect spot for hoops, captive bead rings, and clickers. Clickers are dearly loved by all newbies for ease of application and removal.

13. Stacked Lobe for Men. Unbeatable spot for charismatic piercing! Depending on your jewelry choices, it can be both discreet and daring.

14. High Lobe Piercing. A high second lobe piercing is a fun way to place your piercing without the commitment of cartilage piercing. Stud earrings work best with this placement to minimize irritation of the fresh piercing.

15. Double Lobe Piercing for Men. An ideal element to raise the style! Wear silver or gold hoops for a classic style or decorate your piercing with statement studs for a one-of-a-kind look.

16. Double Conch and Helix Piercing. Conch piercings pair well with helix piercings for an ornate and bold look. It allows you to achieve distinction without a crowded look.

17. Lobe and Tragus Piercing. Tragus piercings have seen an uptick in popularity recently because of their unconventional look. They look equally good with slim cartilage hoops and flat back studs.

18. Delicate Multiple Lobe Piercings. You don’t have to get a bold heavy look when you decide to go for several piercings. They can absolutely look delicate and feminine, like this one with a dainty crystal flower stud and a gleaming crescent moon.

19. Unique Multiple Ear and Facial Piercings. When you were born to shine, why tone it down? Combining your preferred placements and jewelry fashions will make them uniquely you. For a multi-dimensional assemblage of piercings, combine studs, hoops, and cuffs in various materials.

20. Lobe and Flat Piercing with Climber Earrings. Play a visual trick with a climber earring. A stud in its essence, it has a multiple gem cluster on the front that looks like a collection of smaller studs. Climbers look great both on a lobe or flat piercings, providing an exclusive look.

From an elegant line of diamond studs to a loud assortment of hoops and cuffs, getting a second (or third!) piercing is an awesome way to develop your personal style. With so many possible combinations, the sky is the limit!

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