Calling all anime fans, we’ve got a tattoo list you need to explore! Tattoo design is a popular way to express yourself, and what better way to decorate your body than with a cool anime tattoo?

Whether you’re a Dragon Ball fan or a Sailor Moon lover, you have to see these top anime tattoos. Scroll down to explore the best anime body art online right now. You never know, one tattoo design might inspire you for a new body art job.

1. Black Anime Sleeve Tattoo. A sleeve tattoo always looks impressive. But an anime sleeve tattoo takes the concept to a new level. This design features black ink and a structured comic book-style design.

2. Matching Dragon Ball Ink. Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime shows that brings fans together. Show your love for your BFF and the anime by opting for a matching shoulder tattoo. This anime tattoo features gray, black, and blue ink.

3. Pokemon Pastel Vaporeon Tattoo. Do you have a favorite character? Get them tattooed onto your body in style! This Pokemon tattoo uses vivid pastel inks and expert shading to bring the character to life. You can even match your existing tattoo designs by using similar ink tones.

4. Dark Anime Character Tattoo. For many fans’, favorite anime characters aren’t always the heroes… Pay homage to a dark character with a dramatic, dark portrait. Ask your tattoo artist for a black-ink tattoo for the best style.

5. Geometric Naruto Anime Tattoo. Geometric and box-style tattoos are popular choices for many artists. You can combine this tattooing style with your anime tattoo for an ultra-modern result. This design merges two characters via the box style.

6. Tokyo Ghoul Box Tattoo. This tribute to Tokyo Ghoul is beautiful and minimal simultaneously. With black ink, line art, and contrast shading, this is an anime tattoo for anyone who wants their favorite anime series on their body with style.

7. Attack on Titan Forearm Tattoo. Get inked on your forearm with a meaningful anime tattoo. This Attack on Titan design takes the show’s popular characters and transforms them into timeless art via a one-piece design. This is a simple black ink design, but you can add vibrant colors if desired.

8. Box-Style Anime Tattoos. The box-style tattoo is an everlasting favorite. This anime tattoo takes the typical geometric outline style and focuses on an Attack on Titan character’s eyes. However, you can use this tattoo for any character or story.

9. Ichigo Kurosaki Stomach Design. Ichigo Kurosaki is a character you can’t ignore, especially in this anime-inspired tattoo. Here, the artist uses clean lines and subtle shading to create a character portrait that’ll stand the test of time. Use this picture as inspiration for any anime tattoos for a cool finish.

10. FullMetal Alchemist Tattoo on a Sleeve. Tattooing a full sleeve is a tattoo artist’s favorite, so work with your local artist to create an anime tattoo design that represents your aesthetic. This forearm sleeve uses dark black areas of shading and negative space for a dramatic finish.

11. Cowboy Bebop Anime Tattoo Design. Cowboy Bebop has a large cult following, and any anime fan will recognize these iconic characters. This cool anime tattoo focuses on the classic anime design, plus vivid orange and blue inks. This highly expressive tattoo is eye-catching and we love its boldness.

12. Pokemon Watercolor Tattoo. Watercolor tattoos are a popular choice for colorful designs, as this technique looks like the colorful ink has been painted on. This Pikachu design mixes the paint style and sketch-like lines for a unique look.

13. Heart-Shaped Anime Tattoo. Is there a main character or duo you’re obsessed with? Get them inked on your body in a heart symbol to show your love. This tattoo design can have a deeper meaning, but it doesn’t have to! It can simply be inspired by characters you resonate with.

14. Thigh Position Anime Tattoos. If you want a large-size anime tattoo, the thigh is a perfect canvas for any design. You can use this space for a one-piece design or a full story tattoo — whatever you prefer. Show this black and white piece to your artist to get started.

15. Eren Jaeger Tattoo Designs. AoT is easily one of the most popular anime tattoo designs, and we see this iconic character everywhere. This cool design uses faded gray tones to encapsulate the drama of the scene.

16. Colorful Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Designs. A cool anime tattoo always looks great on an entire arm, especially when it has a splash of color. This Dragon Ball Z design uses blues and oranges to stand out from the crowds, leaving the client with a one-of-a-kind design.

17. Anime Character Eyes Close Up Tattoos. If you have a soft spot for smaller tattoos, consider an anime eye tattoo. Whether you opt for a character-inspired tattoo or opt for generic eyes, this cool idea is simple, yet beautiful at the same time.

18. Naruto Sleeve Tattoo Design. Naruto fans continually get meaningful designs that combine the iconic story and great character design. This tattoo focuses on large-scale motifs and dot-work shading, providing an anime tattoo you can’t ignore.

19. Tokyo Ghoul Neck Tattoo. Show your passion for anime with an expressive neck design. This picture shows a detailed tattoo design with hints of red ink, but you can opt for any tone in your own anime tattoo design. Ask your tattoo artist for recommendations before getting started, as the neck can be a more painful area.

20. Studio Ghibli Small Anime Tattoo. Anime tattoo design doesn’t have to be based on a tv series. This design takes characters from My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle, two iconic Studio Ghibli films. Add a powerful quote to this design to take it to the next level.

21. Upper Arm Anime Tattoos. Tattoo placement is always a crucial factor to consider, and this is no different for anime tattoos. This picture includes an anime-inspired tattoo on the model’s upper arm. This is a great spot if you want to show your body art off in the summer months.

22. Red Ink Anime Tattoo Design. Red ink makes a powerful statement, especially when it’s the only bright color in the design. Combine your favorite tv series and this vibrant palette to create a masculine forearm sleeve design.

23. Death Note Ryuk Design. Ryuk is one of the most popular anime characters, and fans love to get creative designs to show the world their admiration for the series. This design uses straight lines to create a modern contrast edge effect.

24. Group Anime Tattoo Design. You can even tell a story with your tattoos by adding characters from different manga and anime shows in a group together. This group tattoo only features Pokemon characters, but the effect can be recreated by any manga or anime stars!

25. Pink Sailor Moon Inspired Tattoo. Sailor moon is an anime show packed with strong women and aesthetic manga art, and we totally get why these tattoos are a fan favorite. This design mixes pink and black for a two-tone palette, perfect for anyone who wants a more feminine design.

26. Square Anime Tattoo Ideas. Geometric body art is a popular pick, but this shouldn’t be reserved for minimalist shapes and basic designs. This artist has combined manga personalities and square shapes for an impressive result.

27. Vivid Orange Anime Tattoo. Are you into bright colors? Don’t hold back with your anime tattoo! This Pochita-inspired tattoo mixes cute illustrations with pigmented inks for an impressive final result.

28. Kakashi Anime Tattoo. Eyes are an essential symbol for any anime tattoo, and this design takes it to the next level. With a sketch-like outline and large blocks of color, this design suits anyone that wants to stand out from the crowd.

29. Complete Back Anime Tattoo. Anime tattoos look great on most body parts, but nothing beats the look of a complete back anime tattoo. This picture shows the outline of a Naruto design without any shading. However, you can add shading, color, and extra meaning to yours if desired — personalize the design for the best result!

30. Super Saiyan Goku Forearm Tattoo. It’s not an anime tattoo list without a Super Saiyan Goku design. With expert shading and fine line work, this tattoo mixes anime design and unique artistry. This tattoo is a piece we won’t forget anytime soon.

31. Gengar Pokemon Tattoo. Pokemon anime tattoos always look great, but we love it when artists leave their own stamp on the design. This Pokemon tattoo features different gray tones and swirly lines to give the piece a smoke-like effect.

32. Fullmetal Alchemist Upper Sleeve Tattoo. If you’re a fan of darker designs, check out this Fullmetal Alchemist upper sleeve. With an abundance of dark shading and interwoven motifs, this tattoo is extra impressive and can become a good cover up design. Note that tattoos like this may require more than one sitting!

33. Large Ryuk Arm Tattoos. If Ryuk is your ride-or-die anime favorite, we have a design for you. In this tattoo, the Death Note star is portrayed in expert detail and he also has dramatic wings. A perfect design for anyone wanting to fill in the gaps on their sleeve.

34. Dragon Ball Z Upper Arm Anime Tattoos. Your upper arm is the perfect canvas for any anime tattoo ideas, so make the most of it. This design featured a dark shadow effect behind the illustration, giving the tattoo some extra definition.

35. Double-Trouble Anime Tattoo. Kaguya-Sama Love Is War is an anime that’s captured the attention of fans across the world. This fan has taken the meaning of admiration to the next level with a star-crossed lovers tattoo of the show’s popular personalities. We love this borderless box design.

36. Miko Raiden Heart Tattoo. Are you a keen Genshin Impact fan? If so, you’ll appreciate this Miko Raiden tattoo. This artist has used a pastel lilac heart background to make Miko look even more dreamy — a must for anyone who wants a feminine or pastel design.

37. Matching Anime Tattoos. Tattoos are a personal decision. But they don’t have to be a solo decision! Grab your best friend and check out matching anime tattoo ideas. This design is a simple line drawing that’s minimal yet meaningful at the same time.

38. Vegetto Tribute Tattoo. A Vegetto tattoo always amazes fans. This rendition of the anime star uses gray shading and negative space to create contrast between light and dark areas — super effective and striking.

39. Gengar Dot Work Tattoo. Dot work is the art of creating shading with small black dots, creating a gradation effect without using typical shading techniques. This Gengar design features dainty dots that give it a 3D effect, perfect for anyone who wants a unique tattoo.

40. Black & White Marin Tattoo. Anime tattoos can be as simple or as detailed as you want, and this client has chosen an impressively detailed Marin design. With shading, fine lines, and the use of negative space, this is a design to remember.

Final Thoughts

We hope these anime tattoos have inspired you to start formulating your own designs. Whether you pick a classic pastel Sailor Moon motif or opt for an abstract Naruto design, use these anime tattoo ideas for reference. Don’t forget to show your tattoo artist the ones you like best!

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